When Should You Wear A Tie Bar?

smart casual tie bar

smart casual tie bar

Accessories are often a minefield in the world of menswear, but one of the sleekest and most understated ways to add some metallic magnificence into your look is through the tie bar (or tie slide), which not only looks good but does you good. But when is the right time and place for this little touch of shine to make an appearance?

Men’s jewellery, especially those pieces associated with tailoring like tie pins and bars, is in the middle of a renaissance, according to the Financial Times. What was once perceived of as a remnant of an old fashioned age of stuffy dressing, actually presents the opportunity for you to embrace your individuality, and these little badges of honour are renowned for their practicality as well as their aesthetic value.

A tie bar stops your tie from flapping about and getting in the way, or worse, falling into your Pret a Manger salad box. So it may seem an obvious point, but make sure the slide catches both ends of the tie along with the shirt to actually fulfil its purpose.

The tie bar serves part of the same role as a waistcoat by keeping your tie in check, hence why the two should not be worn together so as not to overdo it. When you do wear one though, it should reside in the middle of the third and fourth buttons on your shirt (including your collar button) to balance the space between your jacket buttons and chin.

As with all accessories it’s the nuances that make the difference. Ensure that the tie bar about two-thirds the width of the tie, which is why our tie slides come in a variety of lengths to account for different styles.

In addition to their own decorative quality, they help your tie stay looking its best, and for an extra flourish you can pull the tie upwards slightly before securing into place to create a stylish waterfall curve (as seen in the picture above).


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