How To Make The Best Impression On The First Date

man in navy suit and white hat

man in navy suit and white hat

“What should I wear on a date?” is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. The world of dating is hard enough to navigate without your wardrobe ruining the romance before it’s even begun, so read on and be sure that you’re not raising any red flags with some serious fashion mistakes.

Of course what’s on the inside counts too, but your clothes help give clues about what kind of person you are, which is critical when getting to know someone. To try and make things go as smooth as possible, the online dating platform Zoosk ran a survey of 6,646 of its members to find out the major dos-and-don’ts of your date outfit.

The top-scoring off-putting trends include the usual suspects of questionable style, i.e. Crocs, socks with sandals, and baggy clothes also divided opinion with 50% saying that it was a major faux pas. However, what came out on top of the poll with 66% is also the easiest to fix: wrinkled clothing.

Yes that’s right, neglecting to spend those few minutes with an iron could be all that’s causing people to mentally swipe left when they meet you. It may seem shallow, but the simple act of ironing illustrates your own self-respect as well as the care and attention that you’re likely to give to your partner, and after all it is one of our essential rules for the modern gentleman. So get hot and steamy to maximise your chances, or make your life even easier with one of our non-iron shirts to stay crease-free all evening (and the next morning).

And not only should your clothes be neat, but 94% of women agree that a partner dressing nicely on a first date is must. While a suit can be suave, 60% of men said that they felt most confident in a button-down shirt. Pair yours with a blazer and chinos for a relaxed combination that is still smart enough to make a good impression.

Go the extra mile with a statement accessory that will give them something to remember you by, such as a stand-out pocket square or cufflinks. It shows you’re the kind of chap who pays attention to the little things and appreciates the details. Just be careful that you’re pocket square is saying the right thing about you.

With all this under your belt, go forth and be your usual charming self.


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