A Groom’s Guide to Co-Ordinating Outfits with Every Bride’s Style

blue three-piece suit and pink tie

blue three-piece suit and pink tie

Whether Bridezilla or Bridechilla, most brides-to-be will have a clear vision of her wedding. From the flowers and bridesmaid dresses, all the way to the chair decorations and lighting, everything has been expertly picked out and is ready to go. But wait a second, what is the groom going to wear?

Lost amongst the countless Pinterest boards of dessert tables and party favours, inspiration fizzles out when it comes to the groom and his groomsmen’s outfits (unless of course he wants a group shot with his bros in Converse. And trust us, he doesn’t).

The groom is obviously a big part of the wedding but often his role consists of turning up at the ceremony in rented morning dress and trying not to embarrass himself by the end of the night. However, he needn’t be a last-minute consideration and can actually help carry the occasion to its stylish peak.

Even if the theme is baby pink, the masculine outfits play an important role in saving the day from looking like a millennial daydream. Supporting his wife right from the get-go. Good job, sir.

Here’s how you can co-ordinate with your bride’s style, whatever it is.

three piece grey suit

Escape To The Country

The British countryside wedding is the epitome is charm. Think wildflowers, dappled sunlight, rich wooden textures, and green pastures as far as the eye can see. Whether in a quaint chapel or a country house it’s the idyllic combination of smart ceremony and cosy atmosphere.

A suit is definitely on the cards for the gentlemen but if there is a more boho-chic or vintage flair then opt for a less formal option in a grey or blue. Adding a waistcoat will smarten it up, especially when you lose the jacket at the end of the night.

The key will be your accessories, so use the environment as your guide and add your own floral touch with a patterned tie and pocket square. Or you can pick up on the natural textures with linen accents that combine high and low-key style.

black dinner suit and bow tie

Black Tie Ball

It’s the event of the season and everybody knows it. There’s not a single aspect that’s not up to scratch – from the table centrepieces to a perfectly polished floor awaiting your first dance, nothing will be out of place. Not to mention that the she’ll step out of the car looking like she’s come from the Met Gala.

So the groom had better step up his game and such a high-end affair deserves the finest ensemble available to the modern man: black tie. A timeless dinner suit in either a classic black or sleek navy provides a striking balance to her awe-inspiring dress and also makes you feel red carpet ready.

The glamourous uniformity is part of the black tie appeal, so make sure your squad are all dressed to impress. You can distinguish the groom by matching his buttonhole to the bride’s bouquet, and the groomsmen’s to the bridesmaid’s. Just avoid outlandish or novelty accessories which will ruin any of the sophistication you wanted to achieve.

blue suit with orange tie

Crazy Colourful

Surprise! The accent colour is tangerine. Or maybe it’s ultraviolet (very in for 2018). A groom’s job is to see that his wife gets exactly what she wants. But he can also make it even better by using his clothing to tone down a bright, bold, and seemingly impossible, colour scheme.

Luckily, the generally darker tones of the men’s suits can temper more extreme palettes. So employ a little colour theory, and trial and error, to make sure that your combinations work.

For instance, with an orange theme opt for a darker shade in your tie to compliment a royal blue suit. You can also pick it up in little splashes on a patterned pocket square to bring it all together. Or shelter from a purple rain-storm and create a tonal effect with lilac or light blue accessories and navy suit to vary the pigment throughout the wedding party.

linen jacket and shirt with floral tie


Combining your wedding with a holiday takes two great things and makes it even better. The relaxed vibe of a gloriously sunny setting with the soundtrack of softly lapping waves releases all of the wedding stress to leave you free to enjoy your day.

Loose, flowy fabrics in pastel shades go perfectly with an ocean view, but for the groom something more tailored than swimming trunks is called for. Material is crucial and linen is known for its hot weather appeal with good reason. The weave allows for maximum air circulation to cut out the need for Photoshopping the patches under your arms.

The setting means you can do away with the traditional suit and go for a linen shirt and jacket to wear with smart trousers or chinos instead, and feel free to experiment with colours. Just nothing too bright or dark as light and breezy is the order of the day.


Whatever you do make sure to get a second opinion beforehand. The day may end but the photographs last forever.


What are your tips for a soon-to-be groom? Let us know in the comments below…

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