Style Tips Every Father Should Pass Down To Their Son

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Your father teaches you a lot, like instilling the value of hard work and introducing us the joys of a kickabout, but most of all he’s someone to look up to and learn from. But you may not automatically see his wardrobe and think ‘I want to look like that’.

In honour of Father’s Day (June 17th), it’s time to give a little appreciation for all the style advice that the old man has been trying to pass on to you. After all he’s been dressing for a lot longer than you and has picked up a few tricks along the way.

Maybe you’re a dad yourself and now’s the perfect chance to gather all of your paternal insight. Give your son the best chance of turning out as amazing as you and spark the next generation of menswear masters with these daddy of all style rules.

And if your father has neglected to teach you any of these, then send him this list demanding an explanation.

three piece grey suit

Fit for success.

Whether you wear one every day or save it only for special occasions, a suit is a big part of every man’s life and it’s dad’s prerogative to get you set up in style.

The power is in the fit. When buying a jacket, ensure the shoulders sit square with your own frame. It should not be falling off and creating a sloppy silhouette, but not be so tight as to look and feel like a straitjacket.  So long as that’s sorted then the sleeve length and waist can be easily tailored to you.

Gary Lineker and sons

Clean up your act.

As the father of four boys, football legend and T.M.Lewin Ambassador Gary Lineker has got a lot of expertise to pass on. The FIFA World Cup record holder likes to keep his look clean and simple. “No logos and branding,” he says preferring the animal-emblem-free aesthetic of our classic shirts and polos.

“But I’m not sure my kids have taken that advice,” Lineker adds. We know that they’ll see just how right you are in time, Gary.

summer blue floral tie

Knot a worry.

The four-in-hand is the foundation of all tie knots and will happily see a boy through his first steps into the world, but developing his tying skills will see him throughout his fashionable future.

In adult life however it’s what style knot suits you and your outfit that matters rather than what you can tie in the 5 seconds before you get out of the car, and there’s an almost endless variety of knots to explore from the Windsors to the eye-catching Eldredge and trinity to encourage individuality. Wear one of these to a wedding and you’ll be asked to dance all the dances.

jeff alcock t.m.lewin

Game, set and match.

“I’m a big stickler for bags, belts, and shoes to match,” says our Corporate Development Manager and super-stylish-dad Jeff Alcock (above). Keeping a good selection of each on hand will make your outfit look considered and put together even if you threw it together at the last minute.

Speaking of shoes, they’re one of the first things people notice about you so you want them to make the right impression. “I always make sure my daughters’ shoes are clean,” Alcock adds. Regardless of whether they’re a shiny leather Oxford or sleek white trainer brush them free of any grime or dirt after each wear and give formal shoes a regular shining with a wax-based polish.


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