What Your Tie Pattern Says About You

row of four floral ties

row of four floral ties

There may be an endless variety of tie patterns out there for you to choose from but, just like the teams in the World Cup, there’s one particular favourite that you’re drawn to supporting. But what is it that about your personality that makes this design appeal so strongly?

The tie is the perfect opportunity to put your own personal stamp of your outfit so it says a lot about who you are and the image you present. In the same way as your tie knot, the pattern you pick reveals surprisingly deep character traits.

From honourable stripes to the playful animals, here’s what these tie patterns say about you.

blue and green stripe tie


Rooted deep in military history, the striped tie was used to denote the wearer’s regiment and now provides much the same function for schools and clubs all over. The traditional, gentlemanly values that the stripes represent suggest your own classically charming nature and upstanding values.

An expert in staying cool under pressure, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got your act together thanks to a focus on order and organisation.


blue and gold paisley tie


You’re not afraid to stand out. In fact, you love it.

The twisted teardrop pattern which originated in Persia was brought back to Britain by soldiers returning from India in the eighteen century. Since then paisley became a symbol of the Boho scene, so whether you’re rocking out to vinyl records or taking in the view through a vintage camera, embrace the arthouse film aesthetic.

orange geometric tie


These computer-generated patterns are perfect examples of the technical precision and finesse which forms your daily life.

A love of innovation and creativity drives you to find new and exciting inspirations while the repetitive arrangement appeals to your routine. An appreciation for the finer things in life steers you towards a sleek and modern look, so long as it matches your perfectly curated surroundings.

whale print tie


When seen from far away these prints seem to blend in with the crowd of solid ties, but the closer you get the more it’s obvious that they’re made of these little creatures.

Much like with your own personality, it’s the people closest to you who get to see your fun and light-hearted side. While at first you might seem reserved, your positive vibes draw others close to you meaning you end up surrounded by a trusted group who appreciates what makes you unique.


Have we missed out your go-to tie pattern? Let us know what your favourite design says about you below…

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