Valentine’s Day: Dress To Impress

Picture1Want to really impress your Valentine’s date? Seduce her with your style with our tips on how to dress to impress:

Be daring: If you don’t normally wear a shirt this could be the perfect occasion to show her how well you scrub up. There has never been a better time to look dapper in a crisp white shirt. But, if you’re planning on eating spaghetti you may want to opt for a darker colour as it’ll appear cleaner for longer. Black is ideal for this situation as research suggests that women like their guys wearing darker shades!

Get the right fit: A badly fitted shirt will look terrible on most men. It is always better to make sure that you have a shirt that is perfectly suited to your body shape. A well fitted shirt will make you feel more confident and therefore prepared for your date. Our store staff will be on hand all day to help get you in the right shirt.

Style your mane: If you never do your hair or always wear a hat this might be the time to try something different. If you have time you could talk to your local hairdresser about a style that works for you or even steal a few hair styling tips.

Pay attention to the finishing touches: Trust us women notice all the finer details when it comes to style so it is important that you get this right. Opt for smart shoes and make sure you match your belt to them. It is also important that you wear clean black socks, as there is nothing worse than socks with cartoons on or worse holes in them! And if you’re wearing a double cuff shirt do invest in a good pair of cufflinks they will last a lifetime and will finish off your outfit perfectly.

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