The Perfect Shirt

Picture1A short guide to help you buy the perfect shirt, whatever your needs. Looking at the collar, body fit and the sleeve, this will ensure that you will never again regret your purchase of a shirt.


To find out your collar size, it’s best to get yourself professionally measured or use a shirt that already fits you perfectly.

  • Measure from the beginning of the button hole to the centre of the button to get your collar size
  • When you first try on your shirt new, you should be able to fit two fingers inside the neck when it’s fully done up
  • If your collar fits snugly when you first try on your shirt, then the collar size is too small.
  • After you wash your shirt, you should be able to fit one finger inside the neck comfortably

You get 60% of the natural shrinkage after the first wash and the rest in the next two washes. After that your shirt will not shrink any further.

Body Fit

The most important thing is to get the body length right first as you can have your sleeve length altered to fit.

  • It’s better to go with a sleeve that’s too long if the body length is right, as you can get the      sleeve shortened
  • The choice is yours to wear a Regular, Slim or Fully Fitted shirt. How fitted your shirt is, is a matter of personal preference but your shirt should always button up comfortably without any gaping at the front
  • Do not assume you can’t wear a Slim Fit shirt if you’re not slim
  • Slim Fit doesn’t mean Fully Fitted, Slim Fit shirts are less loose fitting than a classic fit shirt


  • You cuff should fall just below your wrist bone, nearest to your hand
  • You should always show some shirt sleeve under the edge of your suit

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