The Suit Rules


It is easy to find an expensive suit, but just because it costs a fortune it doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be the best suit for you. When selecting a suit look at its detail first and the price tag second. We’re not trying to make suit shopping a chore, but we do think that there are a few rules that you should follow when you’re looking to splash out on new threads.


1. The Fit and Cut

The first thing a person will see when they look at you is the fit of your suit, so make sure that it is right for you. This is your suit; it has to fit you. No-one wants to look like they are back at school wearing their older sibling’s blazer. The jacket sleeves should show about a 1/4″ of shirt cuff and your trousers should sit perfectly above your shoes.


2. The Shirt Collar and Tie

Keep it simple: simple tie, simple shirt. If you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a perfectly fitted suit you don’t want to ruin all the effort by adding a badly fitted shirt, or even worse a novelty tie.

White shirts are crisp, clean and oh so sophisticated. Head into any of our stores and our sales consultants will make sure you get the right fit. After a decent shirt fitting you get to enjoy the fun part of shirt shopping… accessorising your shirt with the perfect tie. A plain block colour is an easy option but a gentle stripe or stylish check will also look stylish.


3. The Pocket   Square

You can wear a slim, folded, white pocket square from now until the end of time, and you’ll look all the better for it.  Yes you can mix in patterns.  No you shouldn’t let it poof out of a pocket. If you haven’t mastered the art of folding a pocket square – it is an art form – follow our ‘how to’ guide here:


4. The Socks

It’s the one place that you can add a splash of colour. If you’ve chosen a grey suit, a white shirt and dark navy tie it makes sense that you’ll have selected black shoes. We suggest that you wear a pair of dark red and black striped socks. We’re not suggesting that you wear novelty socks, just a pair that shows you’re not afraid of colour. If you opt for a black pinstripe suit, a light black checked tie keep the socks simple, black, to match your shoes.


5. The Shoes

If your shoes look off, there’s no hiding them. Your toes should be rounded points, or slight chisels. We’d recommend that you stick with traditional monk shoes or classic lace-ups.

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