Non-Iron Shirts

The perfect shirt for those who hate ironing! Made using the finest two fold and 100% cotton yarns, we’ve added great design and technology to create the best non-iron shirt the market has seen.

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In a T.M.Lewin Non-Iron shirt the fabric is treated with a special formula which changes the state of the fibre. This formula bulks-up the fibres which makes them more difficult to bend and this, in turn,  helps to prevent creasing caused by heat and moisture from day-to-day wear and the laundering process.

But this change of state of the fibres is only part of what makes this product non-iron. We then also add taping to the seams and the front placket to allow the garment to hold its shape at the end of the washing cycle. Finally we fuse the collars and cuffs to give a permanently flat finish.

Our non-iron shirts are made from the same superfine two fold yarns that are used in the rest of our range, but we’ve also discovered through our extensive trials that the best performing fabrics are our luxury twill weaves (100% cotton) which drape extremely well and have a silky-soft feel. Many high street brands run non-iron shirts made with man made polyester fibres – ours really is the cream of the crop.

By following these care instructions you will get the best non-iron benefits.

•    Wash like any other shirt at 40 degrees (don’t tumble dry).
•    Remove from the washing machine immediately as the cycle finishes.
•    Hang on a shirt hanger with the top button done up.

If you don’t follow the above instructions, for example you let the cycle run through the night, then a light iron (low heat setting) will help bring it into the perfect state. Caution: a very hot iron often creates delamination on the collar or cuffs, a process where bubbling can appear.

T.M.Lewin Non-Iron shirts are available to buy now!

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