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Life is all about the details, the little things that get you through the day like the extra sugar in your tea or that peck on the cheek that you get as you run out of the house for work in the morning. And it’s all of the little details that really make our suits too.Picture1

Don’t get us wrong the little details are by no means an afterthought when it comes to crafting our suits. In fact, in our opinion, it’s the little touches that make our suits stand out.

It is time to take a step back and give these details the attention they deserve…

Jacket Sleeve Buttons

All of our suit jackets feature four or five locked buttons, a trend that has been a part of menswear for several centuries supposedly so gents can wash their hands without removing the entire jacket. They form an important part of the detail work that goes into making our jackets, as they show whether a suit is a Jermyn Street cut (regular fit) or a more contemporary Sackville cut (slim cut). Our four button jackets are a Jermyn   Street cut and our five button jackets are a Sackville cut. Moreover, our sleeve buttons always match the jacket’s waist buttons and are always placed within a half-inch or so of the hem.

Jacket Pockets

When it comes to the pockets on our suits most of them have a flap pocket, which covers the pocket’s opening. This is a common pocket for men’s suit, but our pockets are also fabricated so you can tuck the flaps inside if desired.

On the subject of pockets there are a few details that you need to know so you can best utilise your suit jacket pockets:

Outside pockets are functional and should be saved for large bulky items – including your hands!

Your breast pocket on the other hand should only ever house a handkerchief or pocket square. This is one of the finer details of any outfit and we strongly recommend that a simple white handkerchief will finish off any suit jacket perfectly.

You’ll often find three inside pockets in our suit jackets. The larger inside pocket on the right of our suit jacket is generally large enough to carry a wallet, as well as train tickets or your oyster card. There is a slim pocket on the left that is suitable for a pen, and a larger pocket above this that’ll cater for keys or an iPod. Do avoid placing too much into the pockets of your suit jacket though as it may distort your silhouette.

Jacket Vents

The majority of our suit jackets no matter what the style or the cut will have two vents: one on either side, generally just behind the trouser pockets. The vents have been introduced to accommodate ease of movement and access to your trouser pockets.

Lapel Button Hole

If you have a T.M.Lewin suit you’ll have noticed that we place a button hole on our suit lapels. This little detail serves the purpose of housing a small flower (boutonnière) that you may wish to wear on your lapel for special occasions. You’ll also find two slits underneath the lapel to keep the flower in place, a tiny element of suit jackets that could affect your whole appearance.

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