Interview tips for men

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As Oscar Wilde said, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. In our opinion it is the perfect time of year to make a new start, the weather is warming up, the nights are getting longer and we’re all beginning to feel a lot fresher. You’re happy spring mood may encourage you to start looking for a new job, which can mean attending a job interview.

According to research 90% of people decide what they think and feel about you within the first 10-40 seconds of meeting you. This is based on:

  • What they see – 55%,
  • What they hear – 38%
  • What you say – 7%

We believe that it is important that you dress for success and feel comfortable in what you are wearing when going to an interview. Here are our top tips for men who are preparing for an interview this month:


  1. When it comes to the suit opt for plain Navy or Charcoal. Don’t wear a black suit – these are for funerals or evening wear
  2. Take the time to try on both 2-button and 3-button options to find the best fit for your body shape. The etiquette of wearing a suit is to fasten the top button of a 2-button jacket and either the top two or middle button of a 3-buttoned jacket
  3. Keep your interview suit just for interviews: if you wear it every day it won’t continue to look good
  4. Your trousers should be hemmed to the correct length – this can be done free of charge in one of our stores or when ordering online
  5. Wear a white or light blue shirt with a collar that fits well as most of the focus will be around your face
  6. Choose a tie that reflects your individuality, but make sure it isn’t too loud as it should not be the first thing the interviewer notices and avoid anything comical as you want to be taken seriously
  7. Keep cufflinks plain and avoid novelty versions – again, you want them to see  you and take you seriously
  8. Wear clean black shoes, with socks that match your suit trousers but only if you can find exactly the same shade of navy or grey, otherwise it’s better to opt for black socks to match your shoes
  9. Always put a belt in suit trouser belt loops, otherwise it will look like you forgot to put one on
  10. Be clean shaven and remove any facial piercing, or cover tattoos – and, don’t overdo the aftershave!


Follow these simple steps and you will look the part – the only thing left for you to wear is a smile. Good luck! Let us know how it goes over on our Facebook page.

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