Interview tips for women

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// ]]>WomenswearIt is often harder for women to know what to wear to important business meetings or interviews. In many respects it’s nice that there are so many options to choose from, but this can also make stressful situations worse! In a bid to help reduce your stress levels, we’ve highlighted our top tips for female business wear, so you can dress to impress.

For us, the first rule is to wear a skirt or trouser suit in a neutral colour (black, grey or navy) this will instantly make your outfit look smart.

It is also important that you opt for clothing that compliments your body shape – a softer shaped jacket with wider legged trousers would be the choice for curvier figures, while structured jackets with straighter legged trousers would suit straight or angular figures. If you’re pear-shaped then an A-line or flared skirt will suit your shape and a pencil skirt is perfect if you’re smaller on your hips. It is always best to wear tights or stockings in a neutral colour for a professional finish.

Remember that small details are imperative, so ensure your trousers are hemmed to the correct length – we can do this free of charge in-store or online.

We recommend that you go for a shirt that injects a bit of colour, be it plain or patterned, whilst complementing the suit jacket that you’re wearing. Alternatively, a crisp white shirt will always work well with a colourful scarf.

Do you opt for flats or heels? Heels often look more sophisticated and elegant and killer heels will reduce your professional impact so opt for a mid-height that you feel comfortable walking in.

Women also have more to consider when it comes to accessories there are necklaces, cufflinks and bracelets to think about! Accessories can express your individuality but too many dangling items can be a distraction. Make up can also help you to show your personality and it can create a confident look, just make sure it looks right for the occasion.

Follow these simple steps and you will look the part – the only thing left for you to wear is a smile. Good luck!

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