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Read our latest post from our team in Australia to discover their top tips on what to look for in a good suit and the best places to visit down under:

When investing in a proper suit you’ve always got to keep in mind whether you’ll be able to use it regardless of whether it is summer or winter.

Before splurging on suits that’s only appropriate to one season or another, there are a few things you should consider first. Let’s run through the essential factors to look out for when shopping for trans-seasonal suits.


The Build

When it comes to summer you’ll want to avoid as much padding and lining on the inside as possible. If the suit isn’t able to breathe easily it will quickly become unbearable during the warmer weather. Once winter approaches your suit can easily be layered with a coat or rain mac.

We recommend: Shackelton Slim-Fit 2-Button Blue Suit.


The Fabric

Both cotton and linen are light fabrics that allow you to stay cool during summer; however, neither fabric will fit in with a modern day office look once summer is over.

Lightweight wools will be the breeziest and most versatile option, with their wrinkle-resistant characteristic and great longevity. This makes lightweight wool suits a perfect all year round investment.

We recommend: The Piccadilly Jacket with the Piccadilly Regular Fit Charcoal Trousers.



There’s nothing worse than a man wearing something that he doesn’t feel confident in! The latest men’s fashion magazines might be declaring light coloured suits, as the new IT trend for summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should spend your hard earned money on, only to wear it once or twice.

If you spend enough time outdoors then it’s best to opt for a lighter shade. If you’re feeling confident enough, and it’s a quality tailored suit then you can go as light as you want. But if you aren’t that brave there are always lighter shades of grey that will reflect light and minimise heat for maximum comfort.

We recommend: Portobello Slim-Fit 2-Button Grey Suit.


Packing Suits For Travel

For short business trips that last anywhere between one to three days you should be fine with packing one solid suit, with two dress shirts and a couple of tie options to keep you looking fresh.

However, for week-long travels, we’d recommend packing a minimum of two suits and five dress shirts. To help avoid as many wrinkles as possible, you should always remove your suits from the suitcase as soon as you’ve arrived at your destination.


Places to Visit

Sydney: When visiting Sydney, one must not miss out on the vibrant and exciting nightlife of Australia’s biggest city. Whether you’re having dinner with your partner or drinks with your work colleagues, we’d start off at The Winery.

Offering a funky chic approach the Winery’s interior features red leather lounges and white marble tables. The complex is split between areas such as the alfresco styled terrace, the spacious dining area, the elaborate private dining rooms and the lavish upstairs area.

Even more impressive is the wine list itself, boasting over 200 choices, as well as, elaborate cocktails that are an absolute must. Appearing alongside local selections are wine varieties from Portugal, Germany, France and Italy!

Melbourne: If you’re travelling to the city of Melbourne, we might suggest dropping by for an evening at the Little Red Pocket. The Japanese cocktail bar features a low-lit stylish atmosphere with a well-stocked array of sake and shōchū-based cocktails.

You can even stick around for dinnertime with their delicious Japanese ‘tapas’ menu – their iPad ordering system allowing you to do it all from the comfort of your seat.

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