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We’ve got another guest post from David Rose from the blog Finance and Business Review. Today he’s showing us how to dress for corporate event. Read his post below and let us know your thoughts…

Ok, so you’ve got an invite coming up for a smart outdoor event in the ‘summer’, I use the term loosely because we all know how a UK summer can quickly turn into winter weather. Depending on the time of day, you might want to adjust your attire accordingly. I’ll give you a few suggestions, and it’s up to you to mix and match where you see necessary.

Essentially speaking, if you have to wear a traditional suit/smart wear on a day-to-day basis, then this is your opportunity to mix it up a bit. Even though for many events, you’ll still want to dress formally. There are many summer events where you still might be required and/or chose to where a formally inspired attire, namely sporting events such as the cricket at Lords, tennis at Wimbledon or Polo at Hurlingham.

Blazers: A quintessential item for such an event. It’s an opportunity to move away from your traditional blue and grey blazers if you wish, and go for something a little different and a touch more casual, potentially earth and pastel shades. I’m a big fan of the contrasting collar blazers, for instance a beige blazer with a dark brown collar, contrasting colour elbow pads can also give a whole new look to an outfit. A pocket square is always a cool option and completes the look with a blazer. Another idea is to turn the cuff over once, especially if you have a blazer with an interesting colour lining. I recommend the Lugano light blue casual jacket from T.M.Lewin – it’s ideal for a summer event!

Shirt: Go for a crisp fitting shirt, could go for a chequered shirt, something which you normally can’t get away with in the traditional spectrum of solid Blues, Pinks and Whites. If you go for a darker shirt, why not go for a lighter blazer, and vice versa. In my opinion you can’t bet a classic white shirt like this Plain White Luxury Twill Shirt.

Knitwear: If the weather is that bit fresher, why not combine the blazer and shirt with a well fitted pullover? Try a colour option like this coral cotton jumper.

Trousers/shorts: tailored fit is a must for the summer wardrobe. A good opportunity to wear some more outlandish pastel colours if you fancy it. Chino trousers/shorts should be a staple part of the wardrobe anyway; this is a good time to wear them with the right combination. The Slim-Fit Flat Front Grey Trousers from T.M.Lewin are great as they have a smart-casual finish.

Footwear: Brogues are a versatile shoe option; they also look good with both trousers and shorts. If you’re willing to get blisters, brogues with no socks is a great look, obviously, turn the cuff of the trousers to show off the look. If you go with the conventional approach of socks, why not show off some summer pizzazz – try out some of those bright socks that you feel are a little bit much for the office workplace. Alongside brogues, loafers and deck shoes tend to look pretty good with chinos.

Accessories: A great time to get the new sunglasses out. If you decide to go for a tie, I’d suggest a sartorial inspired tie, the Princes Trust silk ties are a great option, and tend to go well with most looks.

I hope this helps give some inspiration for what to wear, mix and match some of the suggestions that gives you a style and look you feel comfortable with, and I hope you enjoy your summer outings.

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