Wedding Advice: Groomswear and the speech


Don’t stress out about your wedding, read our advice below on wedding suits for men and sort out your wedding attire with us.

If you are planning a traditional wedding there is a straightforward dress code to stick to: Morning Dress. A traditional morning suit consists of a grey top hat and a cravat or tie; wear this with a suit jacket (or morning coat) which is a three-quarter length, black, single breasted jacket with a peak-lapel and a single button. To modernism this look you can place a double-breasted waistcoat underneath – either in a buff, or another subtle pastel shade. You can look to co-ordinate it with your tie, but don’t try and match it exactly.

When it comes to your shirt it is crucial that you look crisp in a fresh white shirt for your big day. Ivory is also acceptable but bold prints, bright colours and checks will be something that you’ll regret in the morning! And, pair it all with a pair of pleated trousers, preferably in a dark grey or pinstripe! We recommend that you opt for a pair with side-adjusters rather than belt loops as you’ll achieve a better finish.

For ties, it’s acceptable to match your bride’s chosen colour theme for the wedding (hey, you might not have a choice!), but again, don’t match both texture and colour exactly. Shop our selection here and find a pocket handkerchief to match – they can add an elegant and timeless twist to your wedding-day outfit.

And, when it comes to accessories:  Silver cufflinks are the best option to keep it simple and smart.  Always go for black socks with plain black lace-up shoes, slip on shoes are not suitable for this occasion.


Additional Advice: The Speech

We like to go the extra mile, so we spoke to wedding consultant Kate Smallwood to get her advice on delivering the perfect speech on your big day:

“If the thought of delivering a few words to a room full of people on your wedding day makes to feel uncomfortable, rest assured, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re yet to put pen to paper, or you’re tweaking your final draft, there are perhaps a few things to consider. First things first: the content. As the groom, your main objective is to charm your guests and, in no uncertain terms, make your love for your bride abundantly clear. It’s also wise to pass on a few words of thanks and raise a toast to the bridesmaids.

No one expects the groom to be funny – that’s a task for the best man. So, unless you know you’re something of a wit, keep it clean and simple, and just a little on the soppy side.

Once the content is decided, it’s all about delivery. Nowadays some grooms decide to speak before the wedding breakfast begins, choosing to get the deed done so they can relax and enjoy the feast. In my opinion, it’s far wiser to deliver a speech to a well-fed and watered audience who are likely to be wholeheartedly appreciative. Whatever you decide, keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum before you speak, take a few deep breaths and await the moment. Don’t hide behind a flower arrangement, stand tall and speak slowly. If you’re remotely concerned about projecting your voice, use a microphone. And, if the emotion brings a tear to your eye, pause for a moment before carrying on. There’s nothing more romantic than a man in love, and if there’s a lump in your throat, there won’t be a dry eye in the house. You’ve achieved!”

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