How to Style a White Shirt

A white shirt is a wardrobe essential, mainly because there are so many different ways to wear it. We recently asked three of the T.M.Lewin team at Head Office, all known for their stylish dress sense, to tell us exactly how they style a white shirt.


Geoff Quinn, CEO: “I love wearing a white shirt. When I put my clothes together in my head I find that starting with a white shirt is like starting with a blank canvas, next I add my suit usually a conservative navy or grey and then it’s all about the tie. We’ve recently launched a great range of bright ties and this is where the fun is for me. When we design our bright tie range we nearly always add white into the design, the bright colour stands out whilst the white in the tie blends into the shirt. I finish this off with a white silk hank in my top suit pocket”.


John Francomb, Creative Director: “I like to wear a really sharp tie with a crisply ironed white shirt and at the moment my favourite ties are the knitted ones: they are narrow in width and have a bit of a 60’s retro feel about them. I’ll then anchor the tie with a plain tie pin to finish off the look”.


Christopher Smith, Shirt Designer: “Adding interest to a white shirt is all in the detail and I tend to play with size and cut to achieve an individual look or trend. My current favourite is all about keeping everything slim or narrow, this includes shirt collar, tie and even suit lapels. Choose a navy/black narrow lapelled suit and complement this with a small collared shirt. Match the colour of your suit with your tie colour to keep this look clean and cool. To add a touch of brightness to the outfit try adding a red or pink handkerchief and if you enjoy detail, then match the handkerchief with small colour detail on your tie”.

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