Pink shirt power

Is your choice of shirt colour affecting your chances of promotion?  And could selecting a different shade actually help boost your office sex appeal?

According to the a recent article published in the Daily Mail, men who wear pink shirts to work are more likely to earn more money  – £1000 a year more  – and often tend to be better qualified than office workers who opt for the more traditional blue or white shirt.

The poll of 1,500 professional men also revealed that one in four feel more attractive wearing a pink shirt and those who opt for purple or lilac tend to have the most office romances.  In the last five years purple shirt wearer has had on average the most pay increases – which might explain why one in 20 of them drive a car worth £20,000 or more.

White shirtpinkstripeTMlewin wearers are on time for their appointments, those who like a green shirt are most likely to turn up late.

The research also highlighted an interesting statistic about ironing habits. Over 25% said their girlfriends or wives iron their shirts for them and 13% still ask their mum.


Read the full Daily Mail article here

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