Wimbledon Whites

Pic: Stuart Slavicky/Shutterstock.com

Pic: Stuart Slavicky/Shutterstock.com

Wimbledon is without a doubt one of the highlights of the British sporting summer. But before you set out for an exciting day of spectating – with an obligatory helping of strawberries and cream thrown in, of course – make sure you have your on-court style sorted with our selection of winning Wimbledon Whites. A selection designed to instantly smarten up your look.  Selected iconic white shirts from £29.95 or 4 from £100.

Wimbledon is a prestigious event, so as a general rule we’d always suggest steering clear of too-casual attire and whatever you do, don’t break the dress code altogether; no distressed jeans, trainers or flip flops allowed.  Be prepared for all weather scenarios too, if the weather is looking a bit ominous; bring along an umpire-style blazer or tailored casual jacket to slip on when the skies turn grey.

Should a breeze start to blow in the stands – which given the summer weather record to date is fairly likely – keep chills at bay with a lightweight knit.  One of the new season pastels could be a perfect choice to compliment a crisp, white shirt worn with a stylish and timeless pair of Italian cotton chinos.

And finally, remember that the world’s most famous tennis tournament also has it’s own code of expected behaviour.

Do not make a cry/shout/scream during a rally.

Do not applaud a net cord or double fault. It’s simply not sporting.

It is generally acceptable to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ throughout a match.

And finally, Gentlemen, do please keep your shirts on at all times.

We wholeheartedly agree with the last one…

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