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Add a personal touch with a pocket handkerchief

Add a personal touch with a pocket handkerchief

‘The office is no place for garish attire’, writes City AM Style Editor, Steve Dinneen. And we couldn’t agree more.  But while some city workers are happy to subtly merge chameleon-like into their office environment, many  still like to make some kind of personal style statement.

But as Mr Dinneen aptly points out, it’s often better to personalize your look in an understated way, rather than reach for the more obvious garish shirt or eye-wateringly bright tie.

Pocket-handkerchiefs are very much de rigeur this season.  Available in an extensive range of colours and patterns, they can add an instant splash of personality to an everyday suit.

So too cufflinks.  Dress up an immaculately ironed classic white shirt with an elegant pair of silver cufflinks for a look that’s simple, classy and understated. Or add a simple pin or slide to accessorise your favourite tie.

Socks can add a splash of colour to your office look, but steer clear of anything too flashy.  Novelty socks are never a good look for the boardroom.

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