The London Design

London, synonymous with the very best in men’s tailoring, has always been considered the heart of men’s fashion. For over two centuries London fashion, and Savile Row in particular, has lead the way in British design and is still imitated the world over for its unique take on men’s work wear.

So what made London suits so unbelievably popular? Aside from the fact that the suit was practically invented here in London town, there is the fact that the world’s most powerful and influential men did the majority of their business here. From Dukes to Lords, Prime ministers to Generals, London has had its fair share of movers and shakers in world history, and all of them showcased their sartorial style. With the leaders of the world decking themselves out in the traditional British design, it is little wonder that their countrymen and peers would (pardon the pun) follow suit.

The London design became the look that tailors throughout Britain and further afield attempted to copy. These tailors sought to bring the Savile Row suit to the rest of Britain, but never truly reached the standards of London’s most famous tailors.

So how has the look changed over time? Well the answer is, not that much. Fitted and slim fit shirts for men remain one of the hallmarks of the look, and coupled with clean cut, they lend an authoritative and distinguished presence to the wearer. The very presence that the well-dressed British gentleman is famous for.


The suit

It’s an often overlooked fact that the suit is a true feat of engineering genius. It holds the ability to completely transform the shape of a man’s body giving even the most rotund of us a much more sophisticated look. The three piece suit’s inception originated in London and is credited to King Charles II in 1666. The suit evolved over time to become the simple dinner jacket, (later becoming the tuxedo in the US) after the design of the smoking jacket for the then Prince of Wales. Since the tailless jacket first appeared the suit has retained most of its iconic features – a long shaped jacket with strong shoulders and a close fit.

The shirt

The men’s shirts of London fashion have varied from casual shirts to those for a more formal occasion but all were typically of a close fit style. However the white collar “banker’s” style shirt in the not too distant past brought the fully fitted style back into popularity and remains a common sight amongst the financial types of Canary Wharf.
Whilst still famous for bespoke tailoring, London men’s work wear is now leaning more toward machine made shirts for men that are custom fitted and far easier on the bank balance. And with more and more of us men having a serious lack of free time, the men’s non-iron shirts of today have truly been a godsend and once again, another work of engineering mastery.

The accessories

The London look is not complete without the finishing touches. Bow ties, Bowler hats, and even capes have been used throughout the ages to add that finishing touch to suits. Nowadays, you’ll find that a stylish slim tie, a splash of colour on a pocket square, and a good pair of brogues are all that’s needed to complete the look.

So if you’re looking for the classic look you’ll find no better than the London design. The design famous for precision tailoring, innovation, and craftsmanship of the highest standard.
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