Essential Items for a Transitional Wardrobe

It’s that tricky time of year again, the weather is beginning to tease us with short snippets of beautiful sunshine. It can be a challenge trying to dress appropriately to suit the typically unpredictable British weather at this time of year. We have put together a guide showcasing our top transitional wardrobe essentials which will come in useful as we progress through the seasons. This guide proves that a few staple items enable you to merge your winter and spring wardrobes to create the perfect year-round look.


Layering is a great way to keep your winter wear in your spring wardrobe, plus it’s practical too. Team a sleeveless blouse with your favourite lightweight knit and peel off your layers as the weather gets a little warmer. Wearing multiple thin layers is a great solution which will make you look and feel less bulky. The art of layering is essential for spring days when the weather can’t make up its mind.

Iris Placement Stripe Jumper

Iris Placement Stripe Jumper

Lightweight Jackets

A women’s blazer feels like bliss after months of wearing your bulky winter coat. A blazer is a flexible piece of clothing that can easily be teamed with a summer dress or a smart office suit. Great for indoor and outdoor wear, light materials such as cotton or linen are ideal spring blazer materials.

The Mac is another wardrobe essential for Spring. It is comfortable and versatile making it the ideal coat for chilly mornings and evenings out and about. Not only are the Macs entirely affordable, but they also look incredibly elegant.

Pheobe Peplum Jacket

Pheobe Peplum Jacket


Brighten up your black dresses with accessories – this is the easiest way to transform your dark dresses and make them appropriate for Spring. Simply add a bright silk scarf, statement necklace or a pop of colour on your nails and it will bring your favourite winter dress in line with the latest spring collection.

A brightly coloured handbag is also essential if you want to your wardrobe to be up to date with what’s on offer in the spring womenswear collection. It’s a smart investment that can be used every year throughout this season.

Ditsy Floral Scarf

Ditsy Floral Scarf


Following these style tips will give your wardrobe a new lease of life, while ensuring you’re on trend and professional in the workplace.

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