Our Care Guide For Your Formal Wear

We’ve all been in that situation. Where you’re running late and the only clean shirt you have looks like you slept in it. Turning up for an important formal occasion or client meeting, in your wrinkled uncared for dress shirt is guaranteed to give the wrong impression.

We all know that if we look good we feel good. So why do so many men spend so little time preparing their formal wear for a special occasion. Especially when it’s actually not all that difficult to do so.



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Buying tailored suits or men’s formal shirts, is an investment, but if you don’t take care of your investment, how can you expect it to last a lifetime? Whether it’s shirts, suits or even wedding suits, you want it to look like you just picked it up from the tailors for years to come.

Dry cleaning vs Home washing

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Dry cleaning compared to Home washing…

No loss of colour
Delicate fabrics like wool (suits) or silk (ties) will deteriorate in water but hold their colour and shape when dry cleaned.

Removes oil and grease
That drop of gravy that got on your shirt at the wedding reception isn’t going to budge with water. Dry cleaning uses fluids that work much more effectively against greasy and oily stains.

Expert advice
Dry cleaners know their business, so leave it to them to take the very best care of your work wear. Steer clear of home dry cleaning kits and leave it to the professionals.

Dry cleaners will often offer a service for preserving clothes worn on special occasions such as wedding suits. Before packing away your wedding attire after the big day you should consider getting it well taken care of  by the experts.

The presses used at the dry cleaners will beat any home ironing hands down for that extra crisp, wrinkle free look. But if dropping your shirt off at the dry cleaners every time it’s worn is just way beyond your limits of convenience, then take a look below at how to iron the perfect shirt.

Tips of the trade for ironing the perfect shirt

Now let’s tackle the most common obstacle for modern man, ironing men’s shirts. Follow these tips to perfect your ironing technique.

Invest in a good quality Iron
To do a job right then you need the right tools. A decent quality heavy duty iron is well worth the investment. Not only will it do a better job of getting those wrinkles out, but it speeds up the ironing process.

Beware of the double crease
If your shirt has creases from previous ironing then always use that crease as a guide.

The shirt needs to be damp
Start off with a shirt that isn’t completely dry. If it is then spray it with water and leave it rolled in a ball for 10-15mins.

Follow a pattern
Iron your shirt the same way each time and always allow the ironed parts to drape down the back of your board

Always start with the collar
Iron the top of the collar first then turn it over and do the same to the underside and the strip of material beneath the collar. You need to make sure those corners are well ironed!

Move on to the yoke
Good quality men’s formal shirts will have a split back yoke that will have a pleat down the middle. You want to make sure that the pleat is ironed properly, particularly if it’s a double pleat.

The back
Iron the rest of the back by spreading it out on the board and ironing in sections.

The cuffs & sleeves
Start with the front facing side of the sleeves before moving onto the back. The cuffs should be open and laid out flat when ironed –  don’t forget the little pleats on the sleeve.

The front
Pay special attention to the buttons. It’s best to iron slowly and carefully around these as even the best quality buttons can crack when subjected to such intense heat.

Cure your shirt
That’s the professional term for letting the shirt hang to dry. Put it on a hanger and fasten the top button so the collar holds its shape.

Armed with these tips you should be well prepared for your day at the office, or that big day out safe in the knowledge that your formalwear is flawless.

If you’re still in need of some guidence when it comes to ironing, why not check out our ‘How To Iron A Shirt’ [] Video Guide?

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