5 Suit Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

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You might think you look great in your new suit and crisp shirt, but chances are you could be making at least one of these suit mistakes right now. So if you want to look good then brush up on your style homework and eliminate any of these bad habits of suit wearing.

Not knowing your own suit size

Now this might seem obvious, but you would be really surprised at how many men really have no idea what their correct suit size is. Men’s suits are made to fit and like a glove. It doesn’t matter if it’s tailor made or off the rack, there is a suit size that perfectly complements your body size and shape. The sleeve length should show 6mm of your shirt cuffs, no less and no more. Your shoulders should also be a perfect match for the suit, nobody wants to see the dreaded shoulder divot – a tell-tale sign that your suit is too big for you.

Which brings us to another size point – the baggy suit! With slim fit suits being all the rage right now, there is absolutely no excuse for wearing an ill-fitting suit that makes you look like a child in dad’s work clothes.

Fastening the bottom button

It’s not exactly clear when this fashion faux pas became such a serious issue, but it’s thought that the portly figure of King Edward VII may have had something to do with it. Unable to fasten the bottom button of his waistcoat, the king was likely to suffer some embarrassment. That is until everyone in his court followed suit and undid theirs. It caught on and has been an unwritten rule of men’s fashion ever since.
Choosing the wrong shirt for your suit
Men’s shirts are a veritable minefield of possible style mistakes. From collar size to style, any wrong choice that can be made usually is. Dress shirts should obviously be chosen over casual shirts for formal wear and it’s essential that you have at least two or three quality shirts to match your suit. Your shirt should also be the correct collar size for your neck to help avoid the awful collar gap between shirt and jacket that results from wearing clothes of the wrong size.

TM Lewin Suit

Choosing the wrong accessories

The right accessories can really finish off a look and bring out the best in you, but there’s also the danger of over accessorizing. A nice set of cufflinks, and a good pocket square to add a splash of colour is more than enough when accessorizing your look. Choose a tie that goes well with your choice of shirt colour but remember to keep it simple, after all, less is more!

Wrong belt and shoes combination

If you choose a nice brown brogue then you’d best have a belt to match that shade of leather. A belt and shoes should always match with no exceptions. When you’re out shopping for shoes to go with your new suit leave room in your budget for a matching belt. Otherwise make an investment in two quality belts, one brown and one black. This should be good enough to cover any choice of shoe, if not then you can consider some smart braces.

Take a look at our range of belts and braces to suit all occasions.

Don’t worry if you’re making some of these mistakes, we gurentee with a few simple changes and additions to your wardrobe you will be showcasing you sartorial style in no time.  Perhaps it’s time to take stock of your current wardrobe and check out our range of suits to get an idea of just how stylish you could look.

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