TM Lewin Style Cup: France v Germany

TM Lewin Style Cup

TM Lewin Style Cup

With the world’s most famous football competition in full swing, we decided to match up some of the most stylish celebrities from the different nations and see who comes out on top.

It’s France v Germany in the second installment of our style world cup and after much consideration the nod has been given to Vincent Cassel and Michael Fassbender to represent their countries in our first men’s match.

The Tough Guy Factor

Blue eyed boy Vincent Cassel is well known for his hard hitting roles in European cinema. There is a suggestion that he has been typecast due to his looks, but by our reckoning he does a pretty good job of looking mean. His fantastic French accent and his rugged looks, added to the fact that he is more often than not suited or at least in a shirt, means he’s a man that oozes style with more than a dash of tough.

Playing the arch villain Magneto in the X-men films scores you quite a few points on the tough guy scale, but as for style? The comic book inspired costumes don’t really cut it in the fashion stakes. German born Michael Fassbender’s saving grace though, is that he looks like the military uniform was invented for him to wear.

Goal – Much as we love Fassbender’s military looks and uncanny ability to look good in a uniform, we’re going to have to give this one to Cassel. The man is the quintessential tough guy and has made that look his very own.

TM Lewin Style Cup

The Red Carpet

There’s been a lot of red carpet action for Vincent Cassel in his long and successful career and with it the opportunity to show us what he’s got when it comes to rocking a suit (without the help of the wardrobe department). Unfortunately while he really does look the part in a black suit and tie, we haven’t really seen much else apart from the occasional black shirt.

Fassbender hasn’t really been on the scene all that long so it’s all the more impressive to see just how many red carpet looks he has managed to cram into these last couple of years. From 3 piece suits to the standard black tie, he’s done it all and done it well. Fassbender has never shied away from trying something new and we can’t wait to see his next walk down the red carpet.

Goal – You’ve probably guessed that we’re giving this to Fassbender. He certainly knows how to put his best foot forward and while look Cassel will get all the points in the world for looking cool, Fassbender gets the points for style.

The Casual

Cassel is one of those guys that most of us guys wish we could be more like. He could wear pajamas, slippers, and a smoking jacket and still manage to look cool. We’re not quite sure if it’s his natural sense of style or perhaps his self-confidence combined with that tough guy image we mentioned earlier. Whatever it is, he just can’t look bad in anything, and we hate him (just a little bit) for it.

There is a middle ground somewhere between casual and formal (we’re not sure that it’s really smart casual!) that Fassbender has made his own. He somehow manages to have a casual look that, while structured, doesn’t look forced. To put it another way, he simply knows how to dress himself and it’s the small details he pays attention to that makes the whole picture so much more worth seeing.

Goal – We just have to give this one to Fassbender. He obviously puts a lot of thought and effort into his casual look and we love it. Sorry Vincent.

The Final Result

A bit of a surprise here, we’re sure that nobody gave Germany a chance against the ever stylish French but Michael Fassbender has pulled it out of the bag.

France 1 – 2 Germany


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