TM Lewin Style Cup: Netherlands vs Argentina

TM Lewin Style Cup

TM Lewin Style Cup

With the world’s most famous football competition in full swing, we decided to match up some of the most stylish celebrities from the different nations and see who comes out on top.

We’re back to the ladies with this, the second semi-final of the TM Lewin style cup that sees Dutch Diva Famke Janssen take on the Argentinian Angel Julie Gonzalo.

On the Big Screen

You must have been living under a rock not to have seen at least one of Famke Janssen’s fabulous outfits on the big screen. Her figure hugging X-men costume left us wondering why we haven’t seen more of this kind of thing. After making such a big splash with the X-men franchise, she’s had her pick of the very best Hollywood roles and regardless of how you rate her as an actress, her roles have seen her looking damn stylish.

Julie Gonzalo doesn’t have the fame and recognition of Famke due to the fact that her major roles have been on the small screen, but a role in Dallas screams style! Fashion! And more than a dollop of drama. Her on-screen character Pamela has her fair share of stylish and expensive clothes and it’s this that gives Julie the slight edge over Famke.

Goal – We’re sorry Famke, you do look great in X-men and everything else you’ve been in. But Julie’s access to the top designer’s latest creations on screen every week gives Argentina the lead.

TM Lewin Style Cup

On the Red Carpet

An actress, director, and screenwriter, Famke Janssen has been on the fabled red carpet on more than a few occasions. Unlike men, women are bereft of the safe tuxedo option and it’s here that Famke’s sense of style really shines through. She’s been pretty in pink, elegant in emerald, and ravishing in red (forgive us, we’re running out of colourful imagery). We love that she has no fear of showing off her fantastic curves and she is certainly adventurous from a style perspective. Try to find a red carpet horror on Famke…. not easy is it?

She has a fabulous body and long hair that we imagine feels divine, but unfortunately for Julie as with most other stars of the small screen, her red carpet moments have been limited. Even so, her style choices have been nothing short of perfect and she looks at home in formal evening wear, but adventurous she is not.

Goal – Yes, it’s 1-1 as Famke’s red carpet experience keeps The Netherlands neck and neck with Julie’s Argentina.

Personal Style

Famke is a girl that’s not afraid of the outdoors. Unlike many other celebrities, it’s quite common to see her out and about on her bike (she is Dutch after all) and especially taking her doggy for walkies. Famke’s past heroics on the catwalk as a fashion model have obviously had a lasting effect on her sense of style. Whether it’s a jumper and skirt with lime green boots or a cute little black dress with sandals, she has got the “it” that most women wish they had.

Most of these occasions that we see Julie on the town are public appearances planned by her agent or producers. We don’t see a whole lot of the real Julie like we do Famke, so it’s a pity that we can’t judge her style as thoroughly as we can her counterpart’s. However the few times that we have seen her, while she has looked good, we get the feeling that she’s cheesed off with constantly dressing up for her part on Dallas.

Goal – Well it looks like the Dutch have nicked it in the end with Famke’s obviously superior fashion sense being the deciding factor.

The Final Result

Famke’s experience has made the difference between these two beautiful women. So who’s up for the final?

Stay tuned….

The Netherlands 2 – 1 Argentina 

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