Money Can’t Buy You Style

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We can spend hours thinking about our appearance, trailing around shops, picking out the perfect clothes. However, although having the latest fashion trends can make you feel more fashionable, unfortunately no amount of money can buy you a sense of style.

If you dream of winning the lottery, like us, you may see a brand new walk-in wardrobe, much like Carrie Bradshaw’s, only far bigger and full of dresses! However, although we can plan how amazing our wardrobe will be, packed full of luxury dresses, designer shoes and more, this still doesn’t automatically give us a sense of style that will make other people stop and notice.

When you look at the annual rich list, you will be surprised to see that although these people can afford to shop at some of the finest fashion retailers in the world, many lack true style. There are however, many celebrities we look up to as our ‘style icons’, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and even the Queen, just to name a few!

So, how can you be more stylish? There’s not a simple checklist, however we can offer you some simple tips!

Keep it Simple

Being stylish isn’t about focusing solely on high-end brands, but about choosing simple designs to create a look which matches you personal style. A fitted white women’s white shirt is the perfect way to be fashionable and stylish. Perhaps tuck it into some great fitting trousers or wear it with a midi skirt and statement necklace for a splash of glamour. Style is knowing when to choose the fitted jacket over a knitted top when dressing for formal occasions and always keeping an eye on current trends.

Fitted to Perfection

A key area which you should focus on is the fit of your clothes. We all know that each of our shapes vary and different pieces work better for certain body types. Whether you’re an apple, pear, hourglass or athletic and looking for a formal dress or something more casual, we have something that would suit you. Choose fitted dresses to accentuate your figure, or wrap dresses to flatter your figure and cinch in your waist.

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Mixing Colours and Fabrics

Knowing what colour and fabrics work well together  can really make a difference to your outfit. Limit your outfit to only three colours which are similar to each other. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, go for one bright shade combined with more subtle colours for the rest of your outfit. Try to stick to one or two different fabrics so they work seamlessly together.

Accessorise your Look

A very simple summer dress can easily be made stylish by adding some accessories. This can really help to add a touch of your own personality into your style and finish off your look.

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Head-to-toe Beauty

Being stylish is about more than just the clothes you wear, but also beauty. Start with a stylish haircut and make sure you wear the right makeup which complements your features, helping to elevate your style.

It’s also important to remember that fashion and style is not all about what other people think, or about following the trends. Embrace your individuality and buy the items that you genuinely like and will feel comfortable in. Then let your confidence shine through.

Before heading to the shops, get some inspiration from our womenswear range here and let us know who your style icon is!

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