TM Lewin Style Cup Final: Argentina vs Germany

TM Lewin Style Cup

TM Lewin Style Cup

With the world’s most famous football competition in full swing, we decided to match up some of the most stylish celebrities from the different nations and see who comes out on top.

The day has finally arrived and yes it’s the big final of the TM Lewin Style Cup. The most anticipated final in the history of Style championships sees the passionate Argentinians face the methodical Germans for the title of the world’s most stylish country. For the final the South American side have called on tennis star and current world number 8, Juan Martín del Potro. The Germans on the other hand, after the success of both Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender, have decided to stick with stars of the big screen and chosen Til Schweiger for the big faceoff.

At Work

You’d be forgiven for presuming that a tennis player has no chance against a movie star in this category, but don’t jump the gun just yet. Juan has a certain flair and style that has endeared him to tennis fans all over the world. So let’s forget the tennis for a moment (it’s a style contest after all) and ponder how he has become as memorable a sight on the court as his countrywoman Gabriela Sabatini. The sleeveless shirts and headbands that evoke images of an eighties dance movie would look pretty awful on just about anyone else, but somehow, by god, he manages to pull it off. Fluorescent yellow wristbands are a thing of the past but Juan has a wardrobe full of them and if we’re honest we’d probably like to borrow some.

Til Schweiger is 50 years old. I’ll let that sink in. 50. Yep I’m sure there are quite a few around the TM Lewin office that would sell their souls to look that good at 50. Being one of Germany’s most successful filmmakers certainly doesn’t seem to have had an adverse effect on his sense of style (take a look at Peter Jackson), and being able to cast himself in the right roles has given us plenty of opportunity to see him looking the part on the big screen. He’s the man that puts the sweat in sweater (yes that’s a good thing), and it seems the tighter the better. Another man to pull off styles that we wish we could.

Goal – It’s a tough one, but we’ll have to give it to the Argentine, perhaps only for reminding us of better days and making day-glow colours cool again.

TM Lewin Style Cup

Out and About

The life of a tennis star is in stark contrast to that of a man that is a one man film industry. The fact is that there’s not much opportunity for our Argentine to get himself out and about and to be seen in his casual threads. When you’ve got Nike endorsements, then you tend to wear a lot of Nike. Yes you’ll see Juan in something nice from The Gap, but it’s not really our idea of style. Sorry Juan.

Being stylish is not something that Germans are particularly well known for, so it’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised in your research. Our favourite German filmmaker has a penchant for the finer things in life (and by things we mean clothes). Til is rarely seen outdoors looking dishevelled or even remotely unstylish for that matter. We all wish we didn’t have to try so hard to look cool, but Mr. Schweiger genuinely doesn’t.

Goal – Not really a surprise here, the Germans bring themselves level coming into the home stretch.

Suited up

Now here’s Juan Martin’s chance to redeem himself. A sports star should have plenty of opportunity to be seen looking good at awards ceremonies and the likes, you’ve got a manager to remind you of all that stuff right? Well it seems that our tennis star’s manager, stylist, agent, or whatever, has been on the ball in this regard. Sports stars often look uncomfortable at best when asked to don the formal gear, but it’s great to see that Juan Martin or Delpo as his friends call him (we can pretend right?), is completely at home in his shirt and tie. Take a look at some of the ATP promos shots and you’ll see a bunch of guys looking like farmers on a day out, and then there’s our Juan Martin. Yes, you might have guessed, we’re quite fond of our Delpo.

Til Schweiger – movie star, film-maker, director, ambassador of cool, has spent a lot of time on the red carpet, so it would seem that he has an unfair advantage over a mere tennis player. Well that also means that he’s had more chances to let his hard work go to waste and tempt fate with crushed velvet tuxedos and ruffled shirts. Til, ruffled shirts? Of course not, much as we love our Argentine star, the German just oozes style and class no matter what he does. There has never been a recorded instance of Til Schweiger looking uncool, especially on the red carpet.

Goal – It was a close one, but Til gets the final goal and ensures that the Germans go home with at least one cup in the overhead compartment.

The Final Result

The Germans are the surprise winners in this the inaugural TM Lewin Style cup.

Argentina 1 – 2 Germany


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