Looking the Part at Graduation: A Guide to Graduation Suits



The university year is drawing to a close and those of you in your final year have the graduation ceremony and all the associated year-end parties to look forward to. So now’s the time to sort out your look for all the celebrations the end of your University Career brings.

The Suits

It’s the most important day in your academic life so it’s important that you look the part.  You need to ensure it’s tailored to fit you properly, otherwise it won’t feel special on the big day.Think of it this way, once you’ve graduated, you’ll be heading off into the world of gainful employment and a good suit for all those interviews is an absolute must. It’s an investment piece.

So What Are Your Choices?

• Regular fit suits – Standard fit suits are the most commonly found off the rack suits and it all depends on your body shape and size as to which is most flattering. The regular fit is usually more suited to the fuller figure while the slim fit has a more military uniform feel to it.
• Skinny fit suits – This is a more trend lead suit which is a new, contemporary skinny style of suit. Slim fit suits for men are often considered the European style but lately more and more British designers have been incorporating the slim fit look into their British designs. The Skinny provides the sleek, modern silhouette that’s become a favourite with the fashion conscious.

Your suit colour shouldn’t really be too over the top. If you’re looking to bring the university or college colours into your look there are more subtle and much more stylish ways of doing just that.


The Colours

You might think that wearing the university colours is limited to scarves, but when it comes to your graduation look, you can be much more creative than that.

• Shirt – With the rising popularity of slim fit suits comes the inevitable slim fit shirts, but don’t be fooled into thinking that your choice ends at style. Be adventurous in choosing your shirt colour, it can either match your uni colours or be a more muted hue of the school’s primary shade.

• Tie – The majority of ties nowadays can be found in silk or cotton which sounds expensive for a student on a budget, but actually is quite affordable. If you can go that few extra pounds though, wool ties should notch you a few points on the style count. A tie in your school colours will go down well, but like we said, if you want to be different (and who doesn’t) choose an understated shade of one of the main colours. If you want your tie colour to be even more subtle on the eye, then skinny ties could be the choice for you.

• Pocket Square – Yes pocket squares are definitely in. You may have chosen to go with standard colours for your shirt and tie. In this case, pocket squares are perfect for incorporating a dash of the school’s colours into your graduation look.

• Waistcoat – We all know that men’s waistcoats come in a ridiculously wide range of colours, so getting one in any of the old school colours should be no trouble at all. Be warned though that skinny fit suits require men’s slim fit shirts which in turn require a close fitting waistcoat. So be sure to choose your style of suit first before heading off to the shops in search of that perfect over shirt garment.

• Cuff links – This is certainly the most understated way of showing off the university colours. Getting your hands on a set in the right colours might be a bit of work, but will be much more impressive than the standard coat of arms cufflinks available at the uni shop.

TM Lewin

Treat yourself to a new suit, tailored specifically for you for your Graduation celebrations.

Already had your ceremony? Tell us what did you wear for your big day, comment below…

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