The Revival of the Check Shirt

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The Check Shirt is a well known wardrobe staple for men across the globe. What makes them so popular is very clear, they’re the most versatile shirt style around with qualities which appeal to everyone from the sharply dress city worker to your typical casual joe.

A check shirt can easily be worn with your favourite business suit but they look equally great worn with a pair of jeans or casual chinos. 

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Casual checks are a key trend this season and our designers have created this shirt range with the rugged landscape and rich colour palette of the Scottish Highlands in mind.

Our collection of check shirts has been beautifully crafted, some with the incorporation of  vintage wood style buttons and contrast trims. Vibrant Red and blue block checks, tonal blues and rich aubergine and plum are key across the range.

Pair your check shirt with either one of our Italian styled casual jackets or a classic tweed jacket add a pair of chinos and you have created a complete look which is versatile enough to wear for any occasion.

Check out our check shirt collection here.

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