Making Sure Your Wedding Goes Off Without a Glitch

shutterstock_208711729 When you’re planning a wedding, it can become a stressful experience. You have to book the venue, send out the wedding invites, organise flowers, find a photographer, look at seating plans, book the honeymoon and of course, make sure the wedding party look fantastic. Firstly, you can decide to have a wedding planner, who will be there every step of the way, helping you to make the big and small decisions. However, if you’re planning it yourself, to help you get started, we’ve come up with 4 key things to consider, to make sure everything runs smoothly from the start.

  • Timings

For such a big (and important) event, make sure you leave enough time to arrange everything the way you want it. The last thing you want is to be rushing around trying to finish everything at the last minute, or to be texting everyone a week before the day because you haven’t sent out your invites. Prioritise your to-do list so you can get all the important things done first. You may even have time at the end for some minor finishing touches.

  • Location

If you are recently engaged, you can be excited to start planning. However, before you rush around and look at every venue within a 100 mile radius of your home, stop to think about what you are both actually looking for. If you’re getting married in a church, make sure you look for a reception venue that is close by. Also think about your guests and where they are coming from and if there is somewhere for them to stay. You’ll also need to take into account the size of your guest list when searching for a venue. However, whether you’re looking for something very traditional, or a little more unique, there are many different types of venue you could choose, from a beautiful old manor house to an extravagant castle on top of a hill, a rustic village hall or a luxury marquee on the lawn.

  • Pick a colour theme

Often, one colour runs throughout your wedding, from the table flowers and bouquets, to the bridesmaid dresses, ushers ties and even the finer details such as napkins and invites. Although pinks and creams remain a very popular choice of colour, in all seasons, everyone’s tastes are different. If you’re unsure what colour to choose, think about the time of year and what the seasonal colours are. You could also look at your venue and see whether there are any colours that go well with the surroundings. However, the style of your wedding could also influence your choice, whether you’re going something for very traditional, or a little more modern. shutterstock_206469952

  • Wedding Attire

Everyone thinks about the big white dress and beautiful bridesmaids, but that doesn’t mean the groom, your best man and the ushers can’t look just as fantastic in their formal suits and shirts.When shopping for clothes, there is a lot to pick, so make sure you have the key items; the men’s wedding suits, wedding ties and men’s formal shirts. At T.M.Lewin, we have lots to choose from, with something for everyone. Although many weddings stick with a traditional style, there are also an increasing number of weddings looking for a more modern twist, with slim fit shirts and slim fit suits for example.   Although you want your wedding to go smoothly and these tips will certainly help, the most important thing of all is to relax and just enjoy your big day together, with all your friends, family and loved ones around you.

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