A Guide to Winter Coats



It’s almost time to start the countdown to the jolliest of all the seasons, and with that in mind we thought we’d take a quick look at what you should be looking out for in men’s winter jackets this year.

It’s all very well to say that your 10 year old parka is just fine thank you very much, but if you want to stay warm and look stylish there are a few things you should consider…


This year’s autumn and winter colours are very much par for the course and reflect the seasons very well. We’ve seen a lot of Navy blue, brown, a bit of grey, green, and of course the signature colour of the year – red. You simply can’t go wrong with any of these colours when choosing your jumpers, trousers, and shirts, but when choosing your jacket or coat, it’s a different kettle of fish. If we were marking you for style we’d definitely give more points for the understated greys, browns, navy blues for weekend wear, and black for the office.


We know what we said about that old parka but it seems that parkas, duffel coats, and over padded bomber jackets are very much in for weekend wear this winter. Now we love a good parka, but we’re more inclined to lean towards the distinguished look that typifies the British smart casual style. This more refined look sees plenty of men’s quilted jackets, herringbone coats, and more than a few choices of check pattern in men’s jackets and blazers in particular. Of course your choice all depends on how you intend to wear your coat or jacket (we’ll talk a bit more about that later), but we definitely recommend going for our favoured refined look. Men’s blazers and quilted jackets just ooze class and style, and you all know how we feel about style.


This is what it really all boils down to, when and where are you going to wear your new investment in winter wear. Is it just for the trip to work or is it for walks with the dog? Even if you live to work, you’ll still want two winter coats, one for the office or any formal occasion, and another for weekend wear.

  • Office – How you dress in the office should be a good indicator of what your work coat should be like with regards to colours, but black or navy blue is always a safe bet. And don’t forget that you’ll be wearing this coat day in, day out for the best part of 6 months. You’ll really want something that will last and can take the daily abuse levelled at it from your daily commute. The best materials for long life are synthetics like polyester and nylon, but if warmth is your main concern then it has to be wool.
  • Weekend – Once again this really depends on what you do with your free time. If leisurely walks on the moors are your thing then a quilted jacket is probably your best bet for looking the part and providing that extra bit of warmth. If however, you spend most of your weekends in the city popping from a friend’s house to the pub, and then to a restaurant, then any of the wide range of casual jackets will give you that bit of style to get you noticed while not freezing like the proverbial brass monkey.

The world of men’s coats and jackets can be a minefield of fashion disasters and shoddy workmanship, so save yourself some heartache and a lot of confusion by checking out our range of men’s coats and jackets before taking the plunge.

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