Top 5 Bars in the Square Mile

It’s been a long week, but it’s not quite over yet. Thirsty Thursday is here and with it the temptation to start the weekend a little early with a few post work drinks in one of London’s many bars.

Now, believe it or not, we’re not talking about a pint of bitter down the Queen Vic, these venues are the kind of spots you might take a new client for a relaxed lunch or a place where you could engage in a bit of networking whilst enjoying a beer. These are the bars of the Square Mile, the home of finance, the place where million pound deals are discussed over a glass of vintage red, and here are our top 5.

1 Lombard Street

We’ll start off this list with a bar that is quite aptly situated in a former bank making it a very popular haunt of those eager to impress clients within the world of finance. The haute cuisine restaurant at the rear is available for those within the right tax bracket, but the front bar and brasserie is thankfully a little more affordable for us mere mortals. 1 Lombard Street is undoubtedly a great place for those that enjoy their French wine, but most impressive is the range of meals on offer. From Bangers and Mash to Lobster, and quite a lot in between, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice if you decide to compliment that after-work drink with a bit of dinner.

Vertigo 42

If you’re looking to impress some out of town clients, particularly those from abroad, then Vertigo 42 located on the 42nd floor of the former NatWest tower is the place to go. Truly unbelievable views of the city greet you the moment you enter the bar guaranteeing to wow even the hardest to impress of clients. Its great menu consisting of vintage and non- vintage wines and some pretty sophisticated dishes also makes it a perfect spot for a quick business lunch, and those views just might offer you the upper hand in sealing that deal.


The Counting House

Another former bank that at first glance might seem vast and cavernous with its huge mirrors only adding to the effect, but it’s probably the most down to earth of the bars on our list. The Counting House is a bar where jeans and t-shirts mix with men’s suits and formal shirts. This might not be the place to take potential clients before they sign on the dotted line, but it’s definitely a place for some laid back after work drinks. You’re probably not going to bump into the company CEO here, so the shirts and ties are loosened creating a perfectly relaxed atmosphere; the perfect bar for having a good time with colleagues.


While Vertigo 42 offers the most panoramic and possibly breath-taking views of the London skyline of any bar, Madison just had to go on the list if only for the glass elevator ride up to the bar alone. Once you’re on your way up, St Paul’s completely dominates your view, and what a view! If you’ve an ounce of sentiment in your body, you’ll agree that the sight of St Paul’s in all its glory is hard to beat. And at the top you’ll another reason why we think that Madison trumps Vertigo – the outdoor patio. On a warm summer evening what better way to unwind after work than with a cool beer on the terrace next to the tapas bar.


The Anthologist

If there’s a bar on this list that has a little something for everyone, then The Anthologist is it. Two lounge bars, a restaurant, a bar, and a deli and wine shop all in the one place sounds too good to be true, but it’s all right here. Take clients here for a light lunch, or just relax after work with your colleagues. It’s a perfect place to catch up with the competition and get a bit of networking done while still in your shirt and suit. But it’s the music and late licence that sees the bar crammed to the rafters every Thursday and Friday night that makes this one of our absolute favourites.

We all love to unwind after work but remember that if you’re going to let it all hang out then perhaps take the train home first and do it down your local. After work drinks in the Square Mile aren’t just about letting off steam, but also about being seen and making contacts with your peers. With that in mind keep yourself looking smart and try not to lose the tie too early in the evening.

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