Top 10 Movie Mos for Movember

It’s that time of year again, the time when all sanity flies out the window and much upper lip hair growing ensues. That’s right Movember is here once again. There was a time when a colleague sporting the beginnings of a new tache would be laughed right out of the office. But these days it’s sort of expected that come the 11th-month razor sales take a nosedive and grown men try their best Burt Reynolds impressions for 30 days. So rather than simply letting it all run wild why not take a look at our top 10 movie mos and try a new look for this movember.

Tom Selleck  – 3 Men & a Baby

Let’s start this list off with a man that seemingly owes much of his fame and fortune to that chevron moustache adorning his top lip. I challenge you to take a look at any picture of big Tom in his Hawaiian shirt and try not to sing the Magnum PI tune in your head. Nope, it just cannot be done. In fact, his moustache is so famous that a man with a chevron style moustache is often said to be “growing a Tom Selleck”. Now this is a list of movie mos so luckily for us Tom had his big hit with 3 men and a baby. We can’t imagine a list of mos without the Selleck.

tom selleck moustache

Burt Reynolds – Smokey & the Bandit

Ah, who can forget that moustachioed rapscallion in his Pontiac Firebird. The bane of sheriffs and highway police for years. Yes, good old Burt has one of Hollywood’s most recognized mos that has seen more than its fair share of success at the box office and with the ladies. But we have to say that it’s the Bandit movies that strike a chord with us here at the office. We’re not sure if it’s the car, the chases, or the tache, but whatever it is we all wanted a firebird and a mo back when he made both cool.

Burt Reynolds


 Christopher Lee – Fu Manchu

Of course, Christopher Lee is most well-known for his hammer horror movies and more recently as Saruman in the Lord of the Rings. But between 1965 and 1969 he played the character Fu Manchu in a series of movies and pulled off one of the most memorable moustache styles of the century. Now imagine the looks you would get walking into a pub with a mo like that. Legendary.

Fu Manch Moustache

 Charlie Chaplin – Any Charlie Chaplin film

There’re just too many Chaplin films for us to choose one, but for many of us Charlie Chaplin is one of the most iconic screen stars of our time. He made the toothbrush moustache his own, and you just can’t think of him without it. It’s just unfortunate that a certain rather evil Austrian bloke took a fancy to the style too. No, unless you want to be called Adolf for a month we’d pass on this one.

Charlie Chaplin Moustache

 Will Ferrell – Anchorman

Anchorman, so many one-liners delivered by such a marvellous mo. We’re big fans of Ron Burgundy here at TM Lewin, but then we’re a sucker for characters that rock men’s suits. He’s a bit of a throwback to a time when the single thick stripe was big in men’s ties, and style was all but forgotten, but we love that big hairy tache anyway.

Will Ferrell Moustache

 Sam Elliot – The Quick and the Dead

The most famous walrus in Hollywood and possibly even the world, Sam Elliot has everything that the stereotypical male is supposed to have. Incredible facial hair growing skills and a voice deep enough to give James Earl Jones a run for his money. How could that monstrous mo not be on ANY list of great moustaches? Chances are though that you probably don’t have the testosterone levels required to grow one of these in just a month.

Sam Elliot Moustache

 Harry Shearer – This is Spinal Tap

The old handlebars gone a bit too far and then just couldn’t be bothered style is carried off well by two men only, Lemmy from Motorhead and Harry Shearer in This is Spinal Tap. Now we couldn’t find a movie with Lemmy in it that we actually liked, so we went with Harry in the Spinal Tap mockumentary. Pulling this style off can only be done with a flowing set of locks and an old metal t-shirt.

Harry Shearer Moustache

 Ben Stiller – Dodgeball

Everything that you could hate about a man is all thrown into Ben Stiller’s character for the Dodgeball movie, with his only “saving” grace being that ridiculous looking mo that has us thinking “maybe he’s cool after all”. Anyone that spends that much time trimming and perfecting an admittedly fake looking tache must be doing it for a laugh, right?

Ben Stiller Moustache

Charles Bronson – Death Wish

It was a toss up between Bronson and Chuck Norris for the tough guy mo of this list. But we have to say Bronson has always been the epitome of the antihero, especially in Death Wish. Let’s face it folks, the moustache never really made anyone look tough, evil perhaps, but not tough.  Until that is, Charles Bronson took the lead in the 93mins of cinematic glory that is Death Wish. And we love that he does all this getting of bad guys in pretty cool suits and formal shirts. In fact, we’re off to grow a Bronson right now.

Charles Bronson Moustache

It’s not too easy to establish modern day traditions, but those 30 or so guys that became the first mo bros back in 2003 may have achieved that near impossible feat. Let’s face it, moustaches have been out of style since… well since we first realised that they’re not really that stylish. For it to become such a global phenomenon since then says a lot about the Movember movement and what it means to people. So if you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet why not head over to their site and check out how you can become a mo bro or even a sista. It’s a great cause, and even if you do look a little ridiculous, you’ll be doing your bit to help others.



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