Suiting Up For Movember

It’s that time of year again. A time of year where fully fledged gentlemen appear like bright jewels amongst the dark of the autumn. Every November a touch of class and elegance spreads further than just the Kings Road. Since it began, Movember has become a global phenomenon, raising £346 million across 21 countries.

From the 1st of November Mo Bros all over the world are urged to start freshly shaven and grow the best crumb catcher they can all in the name of mens health. Over the course of the month these selfless Mo Bros become gentlemen of the highest order, grooming, trimming and waxing their moustache’s into a work of art. With the support of their Mo Sistas, the Movember movement has increased awareness of mens health on an incredible level.

Male mental health, prostate and testicular cancer affects thousands of lives across the globe. With the help of all the Mo Bros around the world, Movember is helping suffers to get the support they need. We had a further look into whats involved and everything you need to know to let your inner gentlemen shine through!


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