London’s Finest Breakfast Venues

London Breakfast Venues

Contrary to what you might think, a half burnt slice of toast on the way to the bus does not constitute a good breakfast. For heaven’s sake, it’s the most important meal of the day. We’re not sure if anything would get done around the office here if we didn’t have a good old hearty breakfast. The truth though, is that knocking up a full English at 7.30 in the morning is just not going to happen. So where can we get a great breakfast in London? Whether you’re impressing a new client with a quality brunch meeting or you’re out with your colleagues to get your morning coffee fix, here are 5 of our favourite spots to spill egg yolk on your shirts.

The Breakfast Club

If you’re in your 30s and remember with fondness the likes of Roland Rat, then The Breakfast Club should be right up your alley. They have quite a few locations around the city providing the ultimate in brunch comfort food. A great menu comprising of some old favourites dashed with unexpected spices is sure to satisfy the hungriest of the morning zombie population. Although with décor that looks like it was designed by Timmy Mallet and probably carried out by him as well, it’s not a venue to take a prospective client. Unless of course said client deals in 80s themed posters.

London Breakfast Venues


Those of you that spent your gap year travelling in India will immediately fall in love with Dishoom. It’s got a real retro feel that’s the polar opposite to The Breakfast Club with ceiling fans and vintage Indian advertising. With such delectable dishes as sausage nan rolls with chilli jam on the breakfast menu, it’s a venue for those with a taste for both interior design and adventurous food. So expect to see plenty of slim fit suits and formal wear as the style-conscious pop in for their brekkie on weekdays. For a business brunch it’s an ideal choice and won’t stretch the office budget too far either.

The Good Egg

If you’re not partial to eggs then skip right ahead to the next venue, but if you’re like us and understand full well the mighty hangover curing powers of the trusty egg then The Good Egg is your Utopia. They’ve led a bit of a nomadic life since starting in January 2013 moving from place to place with a few temporary breakfast and brunch residencies. The good news though is that they will soon be serving their legendary brunches from around the world (all with egg) in a permanent location. Check out their site for more updates.

Albion Caff

Describing itself as a little caff is just a nice way of saying greasy spoon. But we’ve never before set foot in a greasy spoon with its own maître d’. You want a fry up with all the trimmings? You can get that in any corner café. But if you want a full English that’s prepared with top notch ingredients and won’t give you an on-the-spot coronary, then the Albion Caff is just the ticket. The long line of tables set up for solo customers suggests that it’s more of a place to drop in for a cuppa and a fry than it is for a business meeting or a brunch get together. Regardless of that we love it, but then we do love a greasy spoon here at TM Lewin.

Village East

Village East is more of a brunch place than a breakfast venue. They start serving at 9am but only on Saturdays and Sundays so unless you’re on a weekend shift, this is not really suited to weekday office brunch runs. This is a bit of a shame because their quaintly named little room is perfect for a brunch meeting that will impress clients. The food’s not bad either with bacon sandwiches laced with chilli just one of the signature dishes you can enjoy in the comfort of an armchair.

So now you’ve no excuse to be eating half cooked hard boiled eggs on the train or spilling crumbs all over your suits at your desk. Get your priorities set right just like us. First comes style, then comes sustenance and everything else is a very distant third.

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