How to Wear Your Black Suit This Festive Season


There’s long been a sartorial debate raging about the classic black suit. Is it business appropriate? Some say certainly, others insist not.  We’re going to sit on the fence. After all, we’ve long believed that business wear should never feel like uniform.  It has it’s restrictions for sure but so long as you’re operating within the fashion boundaries of your particular place of work, self expression should be exercised freely.  In other words, if you like your black suit wear it. But bear in mind that black can look much richer and deeper under the artificial office lights which makes it perfect for the twinkly surroundings of an evening function, restaurant date or cocktail soiree.  Navy, on the other hand, looks pretty good under natural light. And seeing as most business is carried out during the day, it makes sense to reserve that slick black suit for evening wear and stick to a classic navy or grey for your day to day attire. Just saying.
There’s also the risk of being mistaken for an undertaker at the office should you pair your sharpest black suit with a crisp white shirt.  Arguably a rather stark and unwelcoming daytime look. But under artificial light the hard edged black suit immediately softens into the epitome of suavest sophistication.
Invest in a great quality black suit and it will be your friend for years. It will accompany you to the most memorable parties, be it a formal dinner, a black tie event or even a night out with the boys (a good black jacket will happily split from its trousers if you want to wear them separately) In short, it really should be top on your list of formalwear attire.
Fit is an essential factor to consider. When shopping for your suit, make sure that the jacket just covers the bottom of your zip on your suit trousers. The sleeves should finish just above your shirt cuffs (this also enables you to show off a nice pair of cufflinks). And your jacket should lightly hug your shoulders and be cut slim through the waist. A one-button jacket looks especially elegant, creating a strong silhouette that’s super-sharp (think 007).

How to Wear Your Suit this Festive Season


If all that Christmas shopping  has left you a little strapped for cash,  make your black suit work harder.  Pair it with a crisp, slim fit dinner shirt and a black bow tie and no one will even notice you’re not wearing a tux.


A black suit doesn’t need to be worn ‘whole’ for every occasion. Pair the blazer with our indigo jeans and a casual shirt or polo top for the great off-duty look that’s ideal for a night out on the town.

All Black

A winning look this winter and when executed correctly,  a sure-fire way to turn heads. The secret to sartorial success is to mix the textures of the individual pieces, this will enable you to create a defined look which will flatter your figure instead of drowning it. Wear a black sateen super fitted shirt under our Porter Suit and accessorise with either a black skinny knitted tie or velvet bow tie. A super slick multi-textured look, perfect for the party season.

The Blank Canvas

Use your black suit as a blank canvas and accessorise wildly. Add a splash of colour with a vibrant pocket square or layer up with a bright patterned knit or statement print shirt. It’s a clever way to make your suit feel brand new every different way you wear it.
How do you like to wear your black suit?
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