The Dos and Don’ts of the Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party Rules

The night you’ve been waiting for (or dreading) is right around the corner. If you’re an old hand on the office Christmas party circuit then you’ll most likely have learned a few tricks by now. But there are a few schoolboy errors even an old pro can make at the Christmas bash. So whether you’re an experienced partygoer or the new guy in the office, take a look at our office party dos and don’ts.

The Dos

Dress Right

Are you really surprised that this was the top of our list? Let’s face it, the office party is a great chance for you to let your hair down but try not to revert to your Uni-phase in the hopes of looking cool. Smart casual is always the right way to go. Suits are great if it’s a dinner party, but if it’s cheese and nibbles down the local then a decent shirt and tie will do the trick.

Be Sociable

It’s very easy for you and your best workmate to find a corner and sit there all night watching the party unfold. But this will only make you look unapproachable at best and rude at worst. Move around the party and have a little chat with everyone. You’d be surprised how much more fun you’ll have.

Talk to the Boss

Make sure you put a little effort into having a brief chat with the boss. Remember who’s paying the bill at the end of the night. Just make sure this chat happens as early as possible in the evening. Beer fuelled gibberish won’t do you any favours in the promotion stakes.

Keep an Eye on Your Friends

Even if you have made all the right moves, that’s not to say one of your friends won’t overindulge. If someone looks like he might be about to make a fool of himself, then it’s time to step in. He’ll thank you for it in the morning.

Office Christmas Party Rules

The Don’ts

Drink Too Much

Remember that guy at the party last year that fell off his chair dragging everyone’s dinner down with him? Well, that could be you if you don’t count your drinks. Take it easy, the night is long and so are the memories of your colleagues.

Dance Like Nobody is Watching

There is a time and place for trying out your newest moves but the office party dance floor is not it. To be honest, it would probably be better to just sit out the dancing with a shandy. But dancing is fun and you just won’t
be able to stop yourself singing along with Noddy Holder as the DJ pumps out the Christmas hits. Just be careful out there.

Get with the Mistletoe

Once again, the time and place thing pops into our mind. No matter how loved up on Christmas cheer you might feel, you will regret it in the morning. We would even go so far as to suggest avoiding flirtatious activities of any sort lest temptation rears its ugly head.

Be the Last to Leave

This is guaranteed office gossip territory here. You don’t want to be branded the hanger on who just can’t leave while there’s a drop of wine left in the company-bought bottle. Stay out and enjoy yourself, but once you start to see coats mysteriously appear on your colleagues’ shoulders, it’s time to leave.

Now we’re sure there’s a whole lot more you could get yourself into trouble doing or not doing, but we’ll leave that up to your own judgement. Just remember that this is one single night in a year. And that your working days number in the hundreds. Do it right and enjoy yourself for a night, do it wrong and relive your night every day you step into the office.

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