Top 6 Christmas Movie Icons

Top Christmas Icons

The big day of sitting around the fire and overindulging on selection boxes is just around the corner. And nothing goes better with a box of chocolate Santas than a good old Christmas movie. So we had a little think and came up with our top 6 Christmas movie icons to get you right in the mood for the 25th.

6. Frank Cross

Top Christmas Icons

(Bill Murray) Scrooged

We’re big fans of Bill Murray and to be honest we could have filled the entire top 6 with characters he’s played in anything remotely Christmas related. But we’ll have to settle for Frank, the modern day Ebenezer Scrooge that fills an hour and a half of your holiday viewing with bellyaching laughs. You try getting through the festive period without catching a few minutes of Frank being terrorized by the 90s’ very best in Christmas special effects. It’s literally impossible. Everyone loves watching Frank learn his lesson the hard way in this modern day classic.

5. Kevin McCallister

Top Christmas Icons

(Macaulay Culkin) Home Alone

Back in 1990 Kevin McCallister became every 8-year-old boy’s (and a few girls’) hero when he destroyed the Wet Bandits. From the moment he woke up to an empty house; the viewing public were hooked on Kevin. He’s the cheeky young chappy out shopping all wrapped up in his winter clothes, before coming home to lay deadly traps for the two hapless burglars that thought he was an easy target. Yes, it’s a kids’ movie, but we still watch it every year, and don’t tell us you’ve never tried the aftershave slap and scream in the mirror bit.

4. Jack Skellington

Top Christmas Icons

(Danny Elfman/Chris Sarandon) The Nightmare before Christmas

That a skeleton who kidnaps Santa and almost destroys Christmas can be in our top 6 says a lot about this character. His childlike fascination with snow and all things Christmas is so enjoyable to watch. It’s probably this curiosity and reminds us of our own youth and innocence that makes us feel all warm inside as we watch Christmas gifts turn into snakes and bugs. Then again maybe we’ve just got a weird sense of what constitutes Christmas cheer.

3. Buddy the Elf

Top Christmas Icons

(Will Ferrell) Elf

So you know what we just said about Jack’s childlike fascination and all that? Well, you’d have to multiply that innocence and curiosity by about a thousand before you’d even get close to the enthusiasm Buddy the Elf has for Christmas. Buddy’s got it all, goodwill, cheer, merriness and above all else a wicked snowball throwing arm. Come on, who wouldn’t want to able to fire snowballs like Buddy does?

2. Billy Mack

Top Christmas Icons

(Bill Nighy) Love Actually

Well, the Britishness in us just couldn’t get Billy Mack out of our heads. Now that’s not to say he’s not here on merit. As an aging rock n roll legend, Bill Nighy nails it in a suit with an open collar shirt. That his Christmas cover of the Troggs “Love is all around me” made it to number one just makes us wish even more that Billy Mack was a real person. Anyone that calls their own Christmas single “a festering turd of a record” is fully deserving of a holiday number one.

1. The Grinch

Top Christmas Icons

(Boris Karloff) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

That’s right, we talking the original classic here. The Jim Carrey Grinch was okay, but it was the animated Grinch that we all grew up with. A miserable scrawny green thing that spends all of his time hating anything, and everything does not really sound like much of a Christmas movie icon. But there’s just no denying he’s one of the family now. The Grinch brings all those childhood memories flooding back so much so that we’re feeling a bit like watching it right now.


So that’s your lot. 6 top Christmas movie icons that are sure to help keep the festive spirit alive once the dinner has gone down and the chocolate Santas are out.

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