AW15: New Tailoring Collection

Research has told us that no two Lewin customers are the same.  We dress a whole army of different style conscious suit wearers, from company directors, office managers and first job graduates, to Premier League football players, and world-class cricketers.

WK11_PRESSDAY_ITAB_LOOKBOOK_MENS-25And every single one wants something specific when it comes to tailoring. So it’s little wonder that our new autumn range plays host to 30 different suit designs and styles.  We want to make sure we’ve got everyone covered.

First off, a really good suit needs to fit perfectly. Because people come in all manner of shapes and sizes, we offer three different suit cuts across the range – Regular, Slim and Skinny fit.

To find out which suit fit is best for your body shape, it’s always best to get measured up by someone who knows what they’re doing.  Unlike most of our High Street rivals, we offer this service in store and online, for free. When you get your new suit, the trousers will have been hemmed to your exact leg measurement too.

But it’s not just a question of choosing a suit you like the look of and finding a fit. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

WK11_PRESSDAY_ITAB_LOOKBOOK_MENS-5Hughes Suit Jacket, £89, 55253

If you like your jacket to feel slick and structured, you’ll want to choose a style with a floating chest piece.  This is the lining inside the jacket that helps it keeps it’s shape rather beautifully.  If your suit needs to feel more fluid, a half canvas lined jacket will gently mould to your shape as you wear it. The end result is just as smart but a little more flexible. We do both.  And if you come into store we can show you how they look to help you decide which you like best.


This autumn we’ve all this to offer, plus a new selection of seasonal suit cloths to tempt. With this many styles and colour variations to choose from, we’re confident you’ll always be able to find the right one to fit any occasion.

New tonal blues join our classic charcoal, navy and ink-black options and we’ve added a new salt and pepper grey to our contemporary Skinny Suit range too.

WK11_PRESSDAY_ITAB_LOOKBOOK_MENS-3Wilde Suit Jacket, £89, 54992

Invisible checks and micro designs join denim-look weaves and multiple yarns that create perceived texture in soft wool mixes and luxuriously durable, breathable mohair.

Discover a bespoke tailoring service, off the peg.

Explore the new range in store and online from 3rd August. 

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