New ULTIMATE Non-Iron Shirt

Our new Non-Iron Shirt is no ordinary non-iron shirt. It’s the Ultimate Non-Iron for modern professionals who want all the luxurious softness, style, fabric and fit of a really fantastic quality shirt. But don’t ever want to have to iron it. Ever.

Regular non-iron shirts are good. But very simply this one is better. And that’s because we’ve worked closely with the clever people who created it, to make sure it really does deliver a smooth crease-free finish, not most of the time, but every single time you wash it.


The secret’s in the special coating we apply to every inch of the 100% cotton fabric, even the seams. Each shirt is then heated up to extremely high temperatures so that the technology can work its magic.

But that’s all we’re allowed to tell you.

The exact science behind this new non-iron technology is so secret, even our design team doesn’t know all the details. The people who developed it won’t tell us. If this special technique were common knowledge, everyone would be making their non-irons this way.

All you really need to know is that you won’t need to waste any more time ironing your work shirts on a Sunday night. With a new Lewin Ultimate Non-Iron, all you need to do is wash it, hang it to dry, and then wear it.

Available in three fits, the fabric will feel lighter and softer than a regular non-iron shirt. The collar won’t feel stiff and uncomfortable either.


You’ll still benefit from all the non-fused comfort of a T.M.Lewin collar (we’re famous for them, after all).  Each one is made from 12 separate pieces, carefully interlined and with removable collar bones. There’s none of the cutting corners you find with many competitor collars and our new non-iron technology doesn’t affect the luxury look and feel.

The colour of your shirt won’t fade or develop a nasty yellow hue to it either, as sometimes happens with inferior non-irons.

We’ll be launching 34 luxury twill non-iron options in three different fits, with a choice of button or double cuff – each one available exclusively online  – from 3rd August.


And the best news, for regular customers especially, is that you should be able to find Ultimate Non-Iron versions of all your Lewin favourites, from luxury whites, Oxfords and herringbones, to our classic Bengal stripes, ginghams and the new season’s bold new autumn checks.

The Ultimate Non-Iron Shirt available online from 3rd August, from £39.95

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