National Male Grooming Day

National Male Grooming Day

Get Set… Groom!

On the off chance that you didn’t set an alert on your smart phone calendar, today is National Male Grooming Day. Yes, there really is a designated day to celebrate men’s grooming and here at T.M.Lewin, we are firmly on board. Gone are the days when it was desirable, or indeed socially acceptable to be a scruff with low standards of personal hygiene. Modern man – from urban hipster to country gent –  proudly and pro-actively manages his appearance. Read on for tips to complete your dapper new Lewin look.

What’s the Grooming Story?

While for some, the word ‘grooming’ conjures up images of poodles being pampered and preened, in modern style parlance ‘grooming’ means simply making the best of yourself and it can be applied to every aspect of our appearance. Good grooming can hinge on cut of your shirt, the shape of your suit trousers, the slant of your jacket pocket. Good grooming can also be as simple as the subtle placing of a floral lapel pin, a silk pocket square or the knot shape of a slim silk tie. It’s not all about hair wax and aftershave but they’re important too.

Do Real Men Groom?

Absolutely. All the real men of the world have well and truly woken up to the fact that spending time, money and effort on looking one’s best is no longer the preserve of women. The male grooming industry has erupted in the past five years and is now a multi-million pound industry. In 2013, for the first time, men spent more cash on male-specific toiletries than on shaving products. And, in a recent poll by, the majority of men quizzed (57%) said they now routinely use between six to ten male grooming items per day. These products include shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shower gel, shaving gel, shaving balm, aftershave and hair styling product. What’s more, a quarter of men polled use between eleven to fifteen items on a daily basis with an impressive seven per cent admitting they use more than sixteen products to get their look each morning.

Grooming Habits

So, we’ve established that men do groom, but exactly how habitual is grooming? For the answer, we need look no further than a recent survey by market research force Harris Interactive on grooming habits in the UK. When asked whether or not ‘it’s just as important for men to take good care of themselves as it is for women’, 79% of men polled agreed with the statement. An amazing 19% of women said their husband or partner normally spends longer getting ready and chosing an outfit than they do. Even those men who think grooming’s not for them seem to be getting in on the act. When questioned about whether or not they regularly use female grooming products, a surprising 14% of men said yes and this number rose further to 18% amongst those in relationships.

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Great Grooming Tips

Hopefully you’re not one of those who’d rather pinch your partner’s products than admit you take an active interest in your appearance. In any case, if you do nothing else this season, the following tips should help you look your best:

  • If you wear a suit, make sure it fits. We have three fits so you should always be able to find the right one for your body shape.
  • Always iron your shirt and never think you can get away with just doing the bits that show. If you can’t iron, buy non-iron. Our new ultimate non-iron range has just launched and we think it’s the best out there.
  • Accessorise – a pocket square, lapel pin or tie can instantly turn any ordinary jacket into a personal style statement.
  • Get a great hairdresser – do your homework before you darken their door. Read up on the latest styles and when you find someone who knows how to work with your Barnet, stick with them.
  • Don’t forget your brows – the eyebrows frame the face. No-one likes a mono-brow, so neglect yours at their peril.
  • And other bodily hair – there’s a difference between a manly covering and The Yeti. Get to grips with your follicular covering.
  • Go soap free on your face – times have moved on. Soap can dry out the complexion. Why not give some facial washes and exfoliators a whirl.
  • Moisturise before bed – combat the stresses of the daily grind with this one addition to your beauty regime.
  • Assess your habits – nothing benefits the complexion more than a great night’s sleep. Alcohol on the other hand is not your friend. Cut back and you’ll notice you sweat less and look much fresher.

More Advice…

Luckily, advice is at hand in the form of a plethora of male grooming blogs, vlogs and online features on the subject of male grooming. And a quick Google search will bring up lists of helpful reviews on the latest products, news on innovative equipment and general grooming and styling tips to keep you looking fabulous.

Here are just some of our favourite male grooming resources:

  • – this style bible should be your first port of call for matters style and beauty.
  • – it’s GQ. You can’t argue! Recent posts include ‘How to look after your beard – by Britain’s best-bearded man’.
  • Manface UK – the comprehensive one-stop-shop for grooming, this site is sectioned handily into skin care, body and hair and fragrance tabs.
  • – with sections on grooming, fashion and lifestyle, this site is well worth a visit.
  • – founded by Adam Walker, this popular blog is designed to help educate men about the grooming options available to them.
  • Robin James – this British vlogger is totally plugged into the vlogging community and films clips like ‘get ready with me’ and ‘how to shave’

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