A Day at the Races

A day at the races is a great occasion – be it your local meet or Royal Ascot. With a visit from the royals, comes the need to dress for the part and even a local meet demands a certain style if you’re going to impress. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stamp your own personality on your outfit. While women have their fascinators to stand out, there are many ways in which men can win big in the style stakes.

Choose a stand out suit for the flat season

Race day isn’t just any other ordinary event, one that just calls for your work suit. It’s your chance to show off your style with a different colour, cut and fit. The race day outfit has evolved over many years, so we’d suggest you go for something with a modern edge. Think thin lapels, double vents and flat front pants. A navy blue one (like this) is great for making you stand out in the grandstands.


If you’re in the royal enclosure you might still need something more like a morning suit. Top hat and tails is a classy look anywhere, but you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons if you’re in a different stand. So check your ticket before deciding which style to back.

Choosing your Morning Suit needn’t be an expensive gamble either, as we offer formal suit hire. That means you can enjoy a great day at the races without it leaving a big hole in your pocket.


Bet on the unlikely winner

Depending on which enclosure you’re in, and which day at the races you’re going, there’s scope to ditch the matching jacket and trousers – and even the tie. This is your chance to switch up your trousers for coloured chinos and pair it with a casual jacket (like this Harrison Herringbone one). Then choose a statement pocket square to add even more personality. Choose a dress shirt with cufflinks to keep the smart, but sophisticated look going. And if they can peep out the bottom of your jacket sleeve, then you’re entering the final furlong in great shape.

Don’t fall at the last hurdle

You might think it’s all about the suit. But it’s the little things that complete the look. Don’t overestimate the importance of socks – especially if you’re enjoying a sit-down meal – they can be a great way to reveal your personality (stripes anyone?), and act as an extra talking point. Other accessories like cufflinks, sunglasses, a tiepin and a belt can add flourishes of colour, sparkle or clash to your outfit.

TM Lewin’s Top 5 Tips on Race Day

Hand holding a bet slip for horse racing

  1. Check the dress code for your enclosure
  2. Go for a suit with a modern edge – think thin lapels, double vents and flat front pants – or hire a morning suit
  3. Wear a dress shirt with cuffs
  4. Don’t forget to think about your socks and other accessories
  5. Don’t bet on any horses just because they have a silly name

Still stuck for ideas? Check out our ‘Event Days’ site – perfect to help you build that perfect Raceday out fit. 

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