Socks and Hankies, not just for Christmas

Little touches can add a certain degree of flair and style to any outfit. Everything like silk knots, pocket squares and socks should be chosen carefully to compliment or contrast every look. Business or casual. For the Big Day, or a big night. These are the things you shouldn’t just leave to Christmas to ask for, but get throughout the year to suit all your seasonal styles.


How to toe the line all year round

Socks are simple, right? Wrong. Black socks go with nearly everything. But they’re boring. Men’s style has evolved in recent years and a pair of socks is now seen as a stylish way to add an interesting talking point, a twist on an ordinary look, or a whole heap of personality.

To make sure you get off on the right foot, we’ve compiled three tips to nail any outfit.

  1. If in doubt, go tonal

Easy to remember. Simple to do. Choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing.

  1. Using tonal textures & patterns

Stick to the rule above but this time introduce some texture or a subtle pattern to your sock choice. A navy sock with red stripe for instance.

  1. Being bold

Choose your bold sock carefully. Any colour works with a neutral black or white trouser. If you have a blue or grey suit, choose your shade wisely. They should contrast, not clash. Think navy blue with a burnt orange, a royal blue with summer yellow, a mid grey with a pastel pink. Not a bright colour with dull suit, or dull with bright one.


Hankies – Not to sniffed at!

When we talk about hankies. We’re not meaning the monogrammed present you keep in your pocket instead of tissue. We’re talking a style statement. A pocket square. A flash of oo-er, and definitely not ergh! You might think a pocket square is something you shouldn’t worry about. But it shouldn’t be left to your other halves, parents or your sister’s friend’s nephew twice removed to define your style. You should.


Reasons to choose your own pocket squares

  1. A pocket square shows off your personality. If you tend to be more of a conservative, you may feel more comfortable with a neutral colour. A bit more out there? Go for something brighter, bolder and more distinctive. Conservative shouldn’t mean not wearing one at all though.
  1. A pocket square will make or break your suit. White goes with everything. And never choose a square that’s the same colour as your suit – you weren’t thinking of going for the white suit/pocket square combo anyway, right?
  1. Your tie and pocket square should never match. That’s what Next and Debenhams do. You’re cooler than that, right? Have confidence in your colour choices and people will notice you mean business.
  1. Match your pocket square with your socks and people will notice. In a good way. You’ll thank us for that tip later.


The final word on flourishes


Feeling like you’ve refreshed your wardrobe needn’t always be a new suit or shirt. With pocket squares you can utilise a jacket for many occasions, and feel like it’s a different one every time. The same goes for socks and silk knots. Tired of wearing the same colour jeans, but aren’t brave enough to move to coloured chinos? Start with moving to bolder, brighter and more interesting socks. You’ll soon see colour can be your friend all year round, and not just every Christmas. 

Finally! Novelty socks are never cool! Ever!

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