A Short History Of The Wedding Suit

A Short History Of The Wedding Suit

Standing at the altar on your wedding day, your eyes stay locked on your beautiful bride as she walks slowly up the aisle towards you. You feel paralysed, not only by love, but because your tight-fitting breeches are cutting off the circulation below your knees – because it’s the year 1650.

Thankfully, that tragic fashion trend faded away centuries ago and menswear for grooms has moved on – but how did the wedding suit evolve from frock coats to a classic evening dress suit? We take a look at how groomswear has changed over the years:

Georgian Era


Up until the early 1800s, the groom was often dressed as extravagantly as the bride, especially if they were wealthy or a member of the aristocracy – luxurious furs, embroidered silks and plush velvets embellished with all manner of silver, gold and precious gems weren’t uncommon (Kanye West would not feel out of place).

Victorian Era

In 1840, when Prince Albert married Queen Victoria, the prince consort chose to wear a Field Marshall’s uniform, ensuring his monarch, robed in layers of white lace, remained the central focus of the occasion. The royal couple’s choice of fashion on that day has influenced brides and grooms around the world ever since – women wearing lavish white dresses while men opted for military or morningwear.

Postwar Britain

As grooms began to favour the lounge suit, it morphed into all different shapes and cuts, from wide-peaked lapels in the 1940s to the bell bottomed trousers in the 1960s and double-breasted power suits popular in the 1980s.

As these are fashion eras that are better off forgotten, we’ve opted not to show any images for this.


Modern Day

Today, the suit you choose largely depends on the theme of your wedding – if you’re tying the knot in the countryside, you might consider a tweed blazer layered over grey trousers or for an evening wedding, an evening dress suit could set the perfect mood. And if you’re after a more traditional affair, morningwear will never go out of fashion.

But after all, it’s your day, and no one elses, so the only rule we’d recommend that you really should  follow is making sure your wedding suit is perfectly tailored to your body shape. If you’re unsure of your perfect fit – try out Suit Fit Guide here.

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