Top 5 packing tips for your bicycle commute: how to arrive at the office pressed, polished and pristine

T.M.Lewin | Evans Bicycle


T.M.Lewin | Evans Bicycle

Choosing to commute to work by bicycle has several commendable benefits – it’s good for the environment, makes great exercise and saves on petrol; however, if your office dress code requires you to wear a suit, making sure it looks as sharp as when you pulled it out of your closet can be a serious challenge. But it’s far from impossible – with some proper planning, your cycle through the City can be an enjoyable and healthy ride.

Keep your clothes at work

Cycling while wearing a suit isn’t exactly ideal. Your easiest option is to leave your wardrobe at the office, assuming you have somewhere to store it. A stock of non-iron shirts is useful – every inch of our designs have been treated with a special coating so that all you have to do is wash, hang to dry and wear them. If you have limited space, keeping your formal shoes under your desk is a good way to ensure they stay pristine.

Prepare your pack

Another strategy is to organise your rucksack the night before. It takes more effort, but you’re less likely to be tempted to take the tube instead. To keep your outfit wrinkle-free, fold your suit, trousers and shirt along the seams and then roll them up. Make sure the parts you want less creased (like the collar) are on the outside of the roll.

T.M.Lewin | Evans

Choose travel-friendly fabric

For even greater wrinkle protection, you might want to consider investing in a performance suit. We’ve constructed our model from Super 120s 4-ply 100% natural merino wool yarn, capable of withstanding crushes and creases while on the move. The open weave of the lightweight fabric allows the cloth to breathe, absorbing excess moisture and ensuring it always feels cool against your skin.

Shower power

If you’re lucky enough to have an office equipped with showers, hanging your suit and shirt on the back of the door can help to release any recent wrinkles. As many people continue to sweat even after they stop exercising, it’s worth waiting ten minutes before showering.

Take it slow

Unless you’re running late, pedalling at a Tour De France pace isn’t advisable. Remember, more speed means more sweat – especially if you’re riding a heavy Boris bike. Although a little more expensive than your average bicycle, lightweight hybrids like BMC’s Alpenchallenge AC01 Alfine 8 2016 combine the speed of a touring bike with the upright riding position of a mountain bike; excellent for visibility and control. And right now, our friends at Evans are offering a 10% discount on selected models.

A couple of weeks into your new routine and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is your permanent smile – while your colleagues are busy moaning about their public transport nightmares, it’ll be hard not to boast about your smooth journey in.

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