Valentine’s Day: The science-backed menswear rules to getting lucky in love

T.M.Lewin | Valentine's Day

T.M.Lewin | Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just another day – or is it?

While there may be 364 other opportunities to find your true love on Tinder (or over a pint down the pub), the fact remains that we’ve been celebrating this festival of love since Roman times – so chances are more people are in the mood to match up.

And according to science, the way you dress could influence how well you rate in terms of attractiveness, personality and sex appeal i.e. your denim dinner suit will have to wait for its debut.

Joking aside, whether you’re just looking to cosy up to someone during cuffing season or ready to get wifed up, we’ve rounded up some of the most compelling scientific insights to help you step up your game.

T.M.Lewin | Dinner Date

Look the part

Things that we touch, see and feel can have a powerful effect on our behaviour – in scientific circles, this systematic influence is called enclothed cognition.

Using a simple cognitive test, one study asked subjects to perform tasks wearing identical white coats. While half of the participants were told it was an artist’s smock, the others were led to believe it was a doctor’s coat. Across several tests, the latter group performed better – regardless of their various backgrounds, because they were dressed like doctors, they displayed an increased ability to analyse information.

How does this theory translate to Valentine’s Day? If you dress like a gentleman, you’ll behave like a gentleman.


Amplify your appeal

In turn, wearing nice clothes produces a similar effect on those around you, sending out social cues about your health, success level and respectability. And that, according to another study, will increase your sex appeal.

Wearing clothes that fits properly, compliments your body shape and is of perceived high social status elevates you in the eyes of anyone who might view you as a potential life partner.

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Wear Red

Red doesn’t just flatter the female sex. In 2010, a cross-cultural study – performed across Asia, Europe and North America – found that women are most attracted to men wearing red.

Asked to compare a black-and-white photo of a man against either a red or white background and then rate his attractiveness, the female participants opted overwhelmingly for the colour of love.

What’s more, when the red background was compared to other coloured backgrounds, the red consistently over-performed its competition.

Think ‘T’

Perhaps the strangest result came from a study that showed women are 12% more attracted to men who wear t-shirts emblazoned with the letter ‘T’. Although this is a bizarre outcome, researchers believe the T-shape conjures up thoughts of broad shoulders and a slender waist.

But before you rush out to don this aphrodisiacal letter (or not, because it sounds a bit naff), wearing clothing which accentuates your shoulders and slims your middle could achieve the same T-effect.

T.M.Lewin | Valentine's Day Stack

What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day? If we’ve inspired you to try out the science above for yourself, we’ve created these Valentine’s Day gift bundles to help you land the love of your life.

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