Why Checks Aren’t Just For Lumberjacks – How to Wear Autumn 2017’s Hottest Pattern

man in glasses and check shirt

man in glasses and check shirt

Checks are one of the most durable and multi-faceted patterns in a man’s wardrobe. There are countless variations that fall under this umbrella term, from tough lumberjack plaids and modest ginghams, to flashy multi-colours and more tonal pieces. There is a style of check fit for every occasion – smart or casual.

Rooted in history, the term ‘check’ takes its meaning from the ancient Persian word for king (think Chess!). With its alternating coloured squares, the chessboard’s influence on the chequered fabric lends another layer to this heritage-rich material that has been around in some form for centuries.

From monarchs to gamekeepers, checks have a universal appeal beyond the trendy hipster and its popularity even saved British textile manufacturers during a slump in the eighteenth century when they began producing gingham cloths on an industrial scale.

Today, it’s perfect in any season for a whole variety of outfits, be sure to check these out for yourself with our guide on how to wear this particular pattern in any setting.

pink gingham shirt

Contemporary Checks

Gingham is the most recognisable form of check. Symbolic of different styles from the Wild West through 1960s Mods to the wardrobe staple of today, a whole spectrum is available for whatever yours says about you.

The classic shirt receives an update in our Premium Slim Fit Gingham Shirts. The miniature-tiled design subtly weaves an arrangement that isn’t immediately recognisable from afar, while the cutaway collar gives a sleek finish that makes it ideal for more formal occasions with a suit or suit separates.

brushed cotton blue and red check shirt

Landed Gent

Often referred to as flannel, the luxuriously thick Brushed Cotton Shirts are ideal for leisure time in the cooler months – preferably with a glass of Scotch in hand and a dog lying at your feet. Not strictly reserved for the gentleman farmer, this comfortably relaxed check can see you through in both open fields and the urban jungle.

Perfect with light wash jeans or our stretch chinos for the ultimately easy-going look.

Dark Grey Check Suit

Check, Mate

Checks needn’t be solely for your shirts. Break out your power move with a check suit paired with a white shirt and solid tie. The unexpected element helps you to make a strong impression in the office and show that you’re not afraid to stand out.

It also does double duty for a less-formal ensemble for a night at the bar with your shirt swapped for a dark-toned jumper.

blue and red check shirt

Casually Cool

Where smaller checks work for formal events, larger and brighter designs can be worn to add a punch of colour into your weekly rotation of solid and stripe shirts.

Casual check shirts are easily dressed up with a tie and a jumper/cardigan for those times when you need to dress smart, but not fully suited and booted. The brightness of the check stands out under a blazer, but is still office-appropriate.


So whether you’re an outdoorsman or a city slicker, how will you be rocking menswear’s biggest print?


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