7 Last-Minute Hallowe’en Costumes To Go From Hot Desk To Haunted House

suit with pumpkin head

suit with pumpkin head

The end of October is sneaking up on us quickly and you might not have realised until the influx of Hallowe’en party invitations flooded your inbox this week.

You face a big decision – what do you go as? Your costume says a lot about you, or who you’d rather be. Do you go for classic hero, clichéd monster, a literary reference, or a cult classic? And those are just the ready-packed costumes. The options are endless when you start to get creative.

There isn’t always the luxury of an intricate costume though, especially when it’s party time after work and you’re heading to the venue of choice straight from the office.

Chances are your replica of the Batman suit (gadgets not included), or fur-lined cape à la Jon Snow, may not cut it in the boardroom, but there are a selection of pieces that can be smoothly transformed for the monster mash with just a few alterations.

So, don’t worry if you’ve left it late to concoct the most witty, satirical costume, you can still impress using clothes you, probably, already have in your wardrobe and still get you overloaded with treats this Hallowe’en.

don draper halloween costume

Don Draper, Mad Men

What you’ll need: Grey Suit, White Double Cuff Shirt, Black Skinny Tie, White Pocket Square, Tie Slide.

Draper is the easiest of these costumes to pull off as you’re donning yourself in usual officewear.

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to stay on your best behaviour however, in fact, just the opposite – the costume is all in the attitude. Just spread on that pomade and walk into the room like you already own everyone there, remember to keep it simple but significant.

To make it clear that you’ve not just turned up from work un-costumed, apply white face paint with patches of mossy green and blood red for a zombified Don Draper. A definite graveyard smash, especially when sipping on an Old Fashioned.

newt scamander halloween costume

Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

What you’ll need: Chapman Navy Wool Topcoat, Firth Textured Grey Washable Wool Slim Fit Trousers, Morland Ginger Merino Wool Waistcoat, White Shirt, Burgundy Textured Self-Tie Silk Bow Tie.

Hallowe’en is not the time for reality, and so while you may only be a muggle (no offence), forget that for one night and step into the magical underworld of 1920s New York City.

A step-up from the usual Harry Potter cast of costumes, Newt’s a much more dapper choice than his wizarding counterparts. With his endearingly geeky, mad dash style, he’s perfect for a costume that works for an everyday look.

For maximum effect, keep a bulging suitcase with you all times as well a small stuffed Niffler, or very obliging and patient pet.

sebastian la la land halloween costume

Sebastian, La La Land

What you’ll need: Grey Trousers, White Shirt, Black Tie, Black Jacket.

Finally, a couples outfit that you’ll actually want to agree too, and all because you and your partner can take to the City of Starts in stylish equality (and besides, who wouldn’t want to be Ryan Gosling if only for a few hours).

If you can knock out a bit of improv jazz piano on your night out, then by all means do so, otherwise make certain that you and your lady in yellow have practised a few bars of the fancy footwork pictured above.

harry hart kingsman halloween costume

Harry Hart, Kingsman: The Secret Service

What You’ll Need: Albert Regular Fit Suit in Navy Tonal Pinstripe Wool, Navy Pink Stripe Slim Silk Tie, White Pocket Square, Black Tube Umbrella.

Dressing like the most debonair agent around is set to make a good impression in both the office and at any Hallowe’en party. The razor sharp tailoring might appear effortless, but manners really do maketh the man, so adopt that gentlemanly poise worthy of Galahad.

What makes the costume so recognisable is the symbolic umbrella and though we can’t guarantee any protection from any propelling bullets, it can at least shield you from the changeable October weather.

And no matter if your eyesight is flawless, those specs are for communicating with your fellow Kingsmen, so you can get a pair with false lenses if necessary.

steve harrington stranger things halloween costume

Steve Harrington, Stranger Things

What You’ll Need: Long Sleeve Polo, Radcliffe Camel Italian Cotton Stretch Chino, Brown Leather Belt.

With his preppy style, Steve’s look is the most appropriate for casual Friday out of the Stranger Things kids. It doesn’t take much to transform your look from business meeting to 80s-themed dance, just tuck in the polo and pop that collar for complete confidence overload.

Add some fake cuts and hold a Coca Cola can to your face staring blankly in the distance muttering ‘Demogorgon’ whenever anybody asks about them.

billy puppet saw halloween costume

Billy the Puppet, Saw

What you’ll need: Black Suit, Red Bow Tie, Red Silk Pocket Square, White Shirt.

With the release of the latest film in the franchise, Saw is back and that means so are the costumes. Luckily for you, you can make use of that staple black suit to recreate the film’s original mascot, Billy the Puppet.

Used by Jigsaw as an ominous messenger, Billy rides in on his miniature tricycle bringing instructions of the torturous trials that the serial killer forces on his victims.

Just a ventriloquist’s doll himself, Billy’s facepaint is simple to replicate – just make your skin a powdery-white, darken the circles around your eyes, and add those signature scarlet swirls on your cheeks.

pennywise it clown halloween costume

Pennywise, It

What you’ll need: Radcliffe Mid-blue Italian Cotton Stretch Chino, Slim Fit Blue End-on-End Cutaway White Collar Shirt, Burgundy Textured Lapel Pin.

Sure to be this Hallowe’en’s it costume, the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel features the killer clown in a far more subdued, but no less unnerving, costume.

The monochromatic ensemble is much easier to pull off while at the office, compared to Tim Curry’s 90s yellow dungarees, just lose the jacket and in place of his theatrical pom poms, thread three of the red lapel pins through subsequent shirt buttons instead.

The somewhat abstract costume gives you a sense of spookiness, all without having to spend centuries lurking in sewers. The finishing touch of a Pennywise mask takes the outfit to a whole new sinister level.


It’s the one night of the year you can anything you want, so will you be going for spooky or suave?

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