8 Rules Every Modern Gentleman Should Know

man and woman in taxi formal wear

man and woman in taxi formal wear

The world of the modern gentleman is filled with countless treacherous traps. Never before has the risk of fashion fails been so high with the potential for every menswear mishap to be captured online. How you present yourself is crucial as you navigate the dapper dilemmas of the 21st century.

Each individual conjures up a particular image when they think of a gentleman, most often very stuffy and old-fashioned. However, many of these traits are timeless, like keeping your cool in tough situations and maintaining an immaculate personal image, are good practice in the modern world.

From essential life skills, to style guidelines, here’s our guide of handy tips to help the modern gentleman on his way.

edward wilding in rain with umbrella

Always Be Prepared

In classic British tradition, you never know when the heavens will suddenly open, so keeping an umbrella at hand is a cardinal rule. No matter the time the time of year, you should always keep a strong and compact option in your bag to wield in those unexpected downpours.

If you have to step out during a torrential episode, break out the big guns with a classic large brolly, with ample room for two.

Get Steamy

Personal presentation is key and one of the clearest signs of sloppiness is a crumpled shirt. Hopefully, you already know how to make use of your iron, but here’s a helpful refresher. Check out our non-iron shirts to be extra secure.

Even if you’re partial to dropping everything off at the dry cleaners, you will have to get acquainted with the hot metal sooner or later. And practice makes Ryan Gosling. Or so the saying goes.

Squared Up

A pocket square, like a lapel pin, polishes up your outfit to help set you apart and get you. Finishing touches are always appreciated, but when it comes of the question of what to do with your stamp of personality you should be able to fold your pocket square in, at least, 3 different ways – two classic styles and one with a little more flair.

Learn To Cook

It’s not only impressive, but essential, for you to take care of yourself in the culinary department. It means that you won’t have to spend ridiculous amounts on dining out and Deliveroo and allows you the freedom to eat better whenever fits in with your hectic schedule.

Aim to master between 5-10 dishes, including omelettes and one-pot stews and roasts, with up to 3 variations for each. You can then glide through breakfast, lunch, and dinner hassle-free.

edward wilding on phone in office

Email Effectiveness

When it comes to professional communications, email reigns and your respectful attitude should also spill into your inbox. Remember that your messages can always be traced, screencapped, and forwarded on to your superiors, so never press send on something you wouldn’t want to be broadcast into the public domain.

John Berger Ways Of Seeing

Cultural Capital Investment

Be well-rounded and pick an interest to master – whether it’s your vintage vinyl collection, a comprehensive library, or ticking off all those museums and galleries you visited over the past week.

Extra points if you discuss topics ‘theoretically’, so kick off your education with John Berger’s Ways Of Seeing, for an accessible and easy-to-read introduction into the perceived elite.

Workaholics Anonymous

Speaking of hobbies – get some. Being a company man is all well and good when shooting for employee of the month, but living and breathing your job won’t make you particular interesting company.

A work/life balance is almost mythological, but taking more time for socialising and activities outdoors, like bike rides or running in the park, will go some ways into evening the scales and distract your corporate conscience.

party in the back of a taxi


A digital detox, even if just for a short time per day, leaves you room to enjoy the world around you, or maybe catch up on that ever-growing pile of books and articles to be read.

As well as hugely effecting your mood and stress-levels, the bright light of your device can mess with your sleeping schedule, causing you more tension.

Those much needed Z’s are crucial to you making the most of every day, so why not get a separate alarm clock, whether traditional or a techy alternative? Keep your phone in another room to avoid the temptation of checking it first thing or just before you go to sleep.


What are your gentleman rules? Let us know below…

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