What Is Your Party Personality?

edward wilding brown check suit

edward wilding brown check suit

Shine up those dancing shoes, break out the killer dance moves, and stock up on plenty of Berocca, as the most wonderful time of the year brings with it an influx of Christmas parties galore.

The rush of the festive season can draw out many sides of us, but whether you’re more Grinch than grinning, glittery elf, Yuletide celebrations call for everyone to (hopefully) make a special effort when it comes to dressing for the occasion.

Your party ensemble reveals a lot about you, and wherever you find yourself on the sartorial spectrum – from decadently dashing to sensibly smart casual – predicts your role within the hierarchy.

There are a number of different events over the coming month, from the family orientated Christmas Eve bash to the Noël night-out, and of course, the infamous office do, so read on to find who you’ll be at this year’s bash.

grey suit white shirt red tie

Modern Mover

The definition of work hard and play harder, your exuberant confidence helps you to make a good impression when getting merry in the bar or delivering a stellar presentation the morning after.

When party time rolls around you’re among the first to cast aside your jacket (and inhibitions) and head straight to the dance floor. Your infectious energy ensures that those around you are enjoying themselves as much as you, and the bright splashes of colour show that you’re here on your own time not the boss’.

blue blazer and chinos with champagne and baubles

Polished Prep

You like to stay relaxed when the holidays roll around and, thanks to your easy-going sensibilities, the thought of dressing up for a party with family or colleagues doesn’t faze you in the least.

Embodying approachable sophistication, you and your suit separates combo can take on the festive period with comfortable class. Eminently adaptable, you’re able to handle any situation without feeling out of place, regardless of if it’s a weekend get together in the country or a night in a glossy nightclub.

blue shirt burgundy trousers grey tie

The Minimalist

Cool and sleek not only defines your wardrobe, but every aspect of your well-curated lifestyle. You don’t much go in for fussiness or over ornamentation, preferring to stick to quality over quantity.

Come the evening, your straight-forward attitude allows you to focus and put yourself in an excellent position with the key players in the business. Your outfit may be understated but your impact certainly is not – simple but effective is your route to soirée success.


Is your party outfit saying the right thing about you?


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